Happy Diwali 2021 Wishes for Someone Special

Happy Diwali 2021 wishes for someone special,

Diwali is one of the biggest festivals in India. It is celebrated by full excitement and fun with a religious feeling. It is a big festival of Hindu religion, but it is celebrated by all the religions and in various parts of the world. As on Diwali its holiday for everyone so people can celebrate this auspicious festival with their family, friends and with their special ones. As on this festival people celebrate it lighting the candle, Dias, and by burning the crackers. People exchange gifts and do wishes to their family members and to their loved ones. Diwali becomes more special if you celebrate with your special ones by visiting their house, sending gifts and celebrating Diwali with your and their family. On this festival couples get time to celebrate this festival with their families together.

Happy Diwali 2020 Wishes for Someone Special

Happy Diwali 2021 Wishes for Someone Special, Happy Diwali Special
Happy Diwali 2021 Wishes for Someone Special

 You can wish your special ones by sending those cards, gifts, and Diwali Quotes, and if your special one is on distance you can send e-card gifts and the customized messages or cards by creating it online. You can send online gifts, sweets, chocolates, and cakes. You can surprise them by visiting them and giving them calls. And if on Diwali your special ones are at your place then you can decorate your house together, can get ready with ethnic looks and can take the Diwali photos of your family and your couple photos. And can get blessings of elders and by worshiping the goddess Lakshmi to get good wealth and a prosperous life. This festival becomes special to newly married couples as they celebrate their first Diwali together with their families and friends. They give gifts to each other, do pooja together and have fun at this festival together. As for them it’s a whole new thing to celebrate it together with this much love of each other and of the families.

 You must have had many wonderful moments in your life together, so why not capture those moments in a single frame. Make them as a gift by making a couple of beautiful memories spent with your partner. When she looks at the college, all the good memories will be refreshed again. Not only that, your memories will ever get blurred when you put them in your room. Some people prefer to go on a vacation with their special ones because on this day there is a national holiday. And some get the Diwali vacation so, it’s a perfect time to go on a vacation and have fun with your special ones. Some people celebrate this by going to their special one’s family and stay there for two three days and celebrate Diwali with them and have fun with them. Diwali is one of the powerful festivals which bring everyone together, and everyone can have fun together. So Diwali is an important and biggest festival for everyone. This Diwali brings lovely feelings of relationship. Happy days are special only how the lights shone all around, happiness occurs on the day of Diwali… 

Diwali wishes for someone special — you light the lamp while smiling, bringing new joys in life, sad pain, hug everyone and celebrate this Diwali with love, Happy Diwali 2020.

Happy Diwali 2021 Wishes for Someone Special

Happy Diwali wishes for Someone special.

diwali wishes for someone special
diwali wishes for someone special

There is always someone special in everyone’s life. Wishing on special days to the special ones is a special feeling. Diwali is a special day and wishing someone special on this day will make your and their occasion beautiful.

diwali wishes for someone special
diwali wishes for someone special

If you want to wish the special person in your life in a special and romantic way then you are on the right platform. Here we have all the romantic and special ways by which you can wish for a special person in your life.

You can wish the special person by calling him/her and wishing a very happy and beautiful diwali. You can send greetings and messages to them and wish them a very happy diwali. Apart from these we have some ways by which you can wish the special person of your life. The ways are mentioned below.

best diwali wishes for someone special
best diwali wishes for someone special
  1. Go on a drive 
  2. Visit an event of diwali
  3. Went on shopping with them
  4. Buy gifts for them
  5. Listen to their problems 
  6. Do the things with them
  7. Plan for the things they want to do
  8. Do not force them
  9. Introduce them with your family
  10. Firecrackers with them
  11. Go on a dinner date
  12. Go out for movie
  13. Light up the diyas together
  14. Give sweets to them
happy diwali wishes for someone special
happy diwali wishes for someone special


You should go on a drive with the special one and enjoy the ride and the occasion with them. You should go to their favourite place for the drive.


You should visit a diwali event with the special person of your life. Many events are organized on diwali eve. You will get the time to spend with that person.


diwali images for someone special
diwali images for someone special

You should go shopping with that person. Doing the diwali shopping with a special person is an opportunity for you to come closer to them.


Diwali is the day of lights,crackers,sweets,chocolates and gifts. If you will give something special to the special one such as perfume, watch, shirt or chocolates,etc. This will make them feel amazing.


happy diwali to someone special
happy diwali to someone special

Everyone needs someone to listen to their problems and issues,the person with whom they can share their problems. If you will listen to their problems then they will feel good and your bond will become stronger with the special person.


You should do their favourite things with them. If they have some desires or wishes or they have some diwali plans,then you should do those things with them. That will make him happy and you will gain their attention.

diwali with someone special
diwali with someone special


You should plan things for them. The things they were wishing to do such as rafting,mount climbing,long drive,dancing,etc, adventures. If you will help them to fulfill their desires.


You should not force them. If they don’t want to do anything or they have some other plans for the diwali festival, then you should not ask them to come with you again and again. Simply wish them a very happy diwali with a call or text.


happy diwali status for someone special
happy diwali status for someone special

You should introduce them with your family. On the occasion you should ask them to visit your house and meet your parents. This will help you to impress them.


Firing crackers together is too much fun. You should firecrackers with them and say a very happy and precious diwali. Spending time with the special person is such a great feeling and celebrating the festival with them is like icing on the cake.


diwali wishes for someone special
diwali wishes for someone special

The most common and easiest way to wish happy diwali to your special person is to take them out on a dinner date on the diwali eve. Diwali is the best occasion for you to wish them and show your love and affection to them.


You should go out with them to a movie. On diwali many movies are released in the theaters. You should go to the movies with your special person and have your diwali special.


The festival of lights diwali is for making the relations of people stronger and taking them closer to each other. On the diwali eve if you will light up the diyas and candles together and decorate the house together then they will feel special and your love and care for them will affect them and they will let your feelings know. 

happy diwali to someone special
happy diwali to someone special


You should give them sweets or chocolates on the occasion of diwali. Giving the special person and their family a diwali gift will be the best way to wish them a happy diwali. Sweets will make your relations sweeter and bond stronger.


diwali wishes for my love
diwali wishes for my love

Here are some quotes for you that will help you to wish the special person of your life on the special occasion of diwali.

  • The lights of candles and your smile are the most favourite things of me on diwali eve. Happy diwali dear!
  • When I saw you I fell in love,and you smiled because you knew. Happy diwali dear.
  • Nothing prepared me for this moment to wish you a very happy and peaceful diwali.
  • May your smile and face glow as bright as the flame of the candles and the diyas.
  • Happy diwali to the one of the most important and special people in my life.
  • Thanks for entering my life and making my whole life beautiful and joyful. Happy diwali dear.
  • From the day you entered my life my life has become so beautiful and bright. Happy diwali dear.

Wishing a very happy,precious and joyful diwali to the special person of your life and you.

diwali wishes someone special
diwali wishes someone special

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Happy Diwali.

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