Happy Easter Sunday 2021 Wishes, Images, Quotes

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Easter Sunday is the most important festival of Christian which is celebrated in March or April. This day is celebrated as a recursion of Jesus after his death which happened at 30-33 AD. And it says that the recursion happens after the 3 days of Jesus’ death. And people celebrate this because they believe that Jesus will come back to life or can resurrect from the dead, so that’s the reason people celebrated it with full joy and happiness at church, and also do prayer.

This day mainly falls on a Sunday between 4th April and 8th May. The significance of this day is it signifies the win of good over bad, and the reason behind this is as lord Jesus is the “Son of God.” And it says that the resurrection of Jesus signifies those followers who are on the right path will always be loved and protected by Jesus. 

People who are Christian community have full faith in this, so they celebrated this Easter Sunday with full joy and excitement. Their love, faith, belief and passion towards Jesus is so intense that people go fasting for 40 days which ends on the day of the Easter Sunday which is also called, “great fast’ or “great lent” or ‘great 40 days.” And with fasting they also include more religious and spiritual things in their lives on their fasting days. Christian not only celebrated this day but the whole week before Easter Sunday is celebrated, and the main days are Holy Thursday and Good Friday. Holy Thursday is the day when Jesus had his last supper before his death. Good Fridays is the day when Jesus commemorates the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ. It is celebrated in Church also with full joy.

 Lots of competitions related to eggs are there. There are also morning prayers, singing and dance competitions. Many Christians around the world celebrate Easter with special church services, music, and candle light, flowers and church bells. Easter processions are conducted in some countries such as the Philippines and Spain. Many Christians see Easter as the biggest feast of the Church year.

Happy Easter Sunday 2020 Wishes, Images, Quotes

According to Christianity, to remember Jesus Christ was a day of joy and celebration. Also people do plays and tell stories related to Lord Jesus life and also about their sacrifices. In church people do dinner together and have fun together as for Christians it is the important festival because it makes them remember how Lord Jesus sacrificed his life for them and it also makes them remember his sufferings he underwent for humanity and the price he paid for to bring humanity in everyone’s life. This week most people get off from their work for 2-3 days and celebrate Easter Sunday with their family. Symbolic parallels the rising sun of spring, the lighting of candles in churches, the crosses and images of Jesus Christ through images are remembered on Easter day.

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