Eid Ul Fitr 2021 Mubarak, Wishes, Images, Quotes, Date

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As we know that Eid is the greatest and most important festival of Muslims which is celebrated with lots of love, happiness, and prosperity. Eid is only the festival of Muslims which spread lots of love, prosperity and brotherhood worldwide. On this auspicious occasion of Eid people get simultaneous and make lots of sweet memories for the future with sweet hugs and happiness. We can call this festival of breaking the fast. Also, we know this festival as Eid UL fitr. On this greatest festival of Muslims Peoples make seviyan and kheer and eat it, after the namaj. People celebrate a religious holiday on this auspicious festival of Muslims in schools, colleges, universities, government offices, and also in private sectors. This festival is the mark of ending the month of long down to sunset fasting of Ramadan. This day of religious festivals of Muslims is Eid, on this the only day Muslims are not allowed to fast in shawwal month.

 On the festival of Eid ul fitr Muslims people do a particular prayer to Allah which is specified for Eid ul fitr which is called salat that consists of two rakats, in means that consists of two types of units. They prayed in large areas like a big hall of masjid in which lots of people can do prayer. They performed it in the jamat which means congregation, with lots of people and say together “Allahu Akbar” Which means, ‘God is the great.” According to the Indian tradition, Eid ul fitr starts at sunset on the night of the first scene of the moon. After the last day of the month of Ramadan, if the moon arrives then we can celebrate the Eid ul fitr. According to the Muslims scriptures, Muslims pray to Allah for their long life, for their support in their life, and also for barkat in their business and jobs because they know that after the fasting of Ramadan Kareem Allah will definitely give them some rewards for it. 

On this precious occasion people give wishes to our family members, friends, relatives neighbors and other people who know them. For the precious occasion people do lots of purchasing for their families, their friends to give wishes, for their children’s like dresses, watches, shoes, and many kinds of gifts. People make different types of food items on this greatest festival of Muslims which is Eid ul fitr. On the occasion of Eid ul fitr people thank god because Allah gives them strength to stay on fast for months. Some people believe that donating the holy months of ramzan yields double its fruit. On the way, people donate some money to the poor and needy. People give wishes to their loved ones by giving some affordable gifts and by saying Eid Mubarak with lots of blessings like Allah bless you; Allah kher kre, Allah will give you lots of love, prosperity, good health with wealth and happiness of all over the world.

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