Happy Haldi Kumkum 2021 Date, Images, Wishes, Quotes

Happy Haldi Kumkum 2020 Date, Haldi Kumkum Wishes, Haldi Kumkum images, Haldi Kumkum quotes and Haldi Kumkum meaning find here.

Happy Haldi Kumkum 2020 Date, Images, Wishes, Quotes
Happy Haldi Kumkum 2020 Date, Images, Wishes, Quotes

 In India Haldi kumkum is a ritual festival of social gathering ceremony in which married women’s swapping the haldi kumkum and apply to their foreheads, attar on their forearms as a sign of their married status and pray the god for good and prosperous life of their husbands. The festival of haldi and kumkum ceremony is quite popular in Maharashtra and western side of India like: Rajasthan, Gujarat and Goa.

The historical scoop of haldi and kumkum festival is started during the rule of peshwas, and Maratha’s in Maharashtra. Royal families of queens are invited their married friends, and close relatives, and they performed the haldi kumkum ceremony after the ceremony ends, they used to give a beautiful gift to everyone before they begin the ceremony or custom they offered a jewelleries and precious items to goddess bhavani and goddess paravati.

 On the concept of the haldi kumkum event a woman welcomes the guest and their relatives, and serves different types of welcomed drinks and snacks to their relatives. On this day the famous drink is raw mango juice which is called, “karichi panhe” and the snacks like, “vatli dal.” They prepare sesame seed’s laddoos and cook carrot halwa on this auspicious day, and at the end they offer them to give a flower, betel nuts, sweets, bangles, and leaves for their happy marital life.

Now in modern families the married women’s celebrate the festival like kitty party and play a different fun indoor games like tambola housie and the menu select according to their new taste like: chaats, chinese foods and cold drinks and hire a different and special team of the musical and singing evening performance, and they enjoy their company and playing enjoyable games and feeling of cheerful dance. The celebration of this occasion becomes more like social gathering. The festival is gaining more and more fame because it gives some change in every day’s life. It is a time when married women take some time from their day-to-day responsibilities, and take rest from the ceremony or event.

Happy Haldi Kumkum 2020 Date, Images, Wishes, Quotes

On this day women get a chance to have a beautiful dress and jewellery and the new bride of the family wears a traditional dress and expensive ornaments on their auspicious day and seeks blessings from the elders by touching their feet. This auspicious day is especially for the women, so they can enjoy their life for one day.

At first haldi — kumkum was held only in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Goa but is now famous all over the country. It is said that celebrating haldi kumkum was introduced during the empire of the peshwa.

In those days men went to fight wars and did not come home for years. Women could not go out of the houses, so on the pretext of haldi kumkum, women and friends from the neighborhood had come home. She welcomed them with turmeric — kumkum paste on his forehead. In the meantime- she offered gifts of clothes, perfumes, and adornments.

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