Happy Hola Mohalla 2021, Wishes, Quotes, Images

As we all know that every religion has a major festival, for example Hindus has Diwali Festival as the major festival of the year, Muslims has eid ul fitr like these Sikh’s also had the major festival of hola mohalla which typically come in the month of march or on the second day of lunar month of chet this festival is celebrated after the Hindu spirit festival of holi. This festival is celebrated all around the world with a single name of hola/hola mohalla. Mainly this is the festival of two days, but in some parts of the world this festival of Sikh’s named as hola is celebrated till a week or more. On this day Sikh’s are very happy; they dance a whole day on the regular Punjabi dance or bhangra. Many Sikh people also organize shows of prowess and bravery and other Sikh people enjoy the fair of anandpur sahib. Some people also may organize the food courts or stalls or many bigger sized rides, etc. People may also attend kirtans music’s poetries stories, histories, etc. And in the end all the people eat the food in the most religious place of gurdwara . People eat food in pangats with full discipline. The event concludes on the day of hola mohalla with a long military style procession near Sri Keshgarh sahib, one of the five seats of temporal authority of the Sikhs. As we know that Hola mohalla is meant to attack and counter attack. 

Happy Hola Mohalla 2020, Wishes, Quotes, Images

 We can give wishes on the auspicious occasion of hola mohalla to our family members, friends, neighbors, relatives, and many other people who know us, by giving some gifts and decorative cards and by sending some photos, pictures of hola with some sweet quotes of hola, and we can share our thoughts, happiness and good vibes with our family members. This festival is like Holi festival in which we can celebrate the many types of colors of hola which spreads lots of love and happiness between us and give prosperity and peace in our life. We can also give some kind of gifts to our respective family member’s relative’s friend’s neighbors, etc like, and you branded spacious and affordable beautiful watch, and we can also gift them a kind of shoe for men and slippers or jutis for women as per the Punjabi style. We can also give wishes on the auspicious occasion of hola mohalla in the form of gift them the most beautiful bouquet of different types of flowers which was decorated by some sweet message from pencil colors. This auspicious occasion is celebrated in three day in those days people organize a fair in which they provide lots for things like toys for children, clothes for everyone, shoes, watches, and everything what’s people can like and purchase. And people enjoy it a lot with lots of different colors, and many other things. So this article can be the useful for you if you want to know about a auspicious festival of Sikhs which is hola mohalla.

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