Human Rights Day 2020 Theme, Quotes, Speech, Wishes

Human Rights Day 2020 Theme, Quotes, Speech, Wishes
Human Rights Day 2020 Theme, Quotes, Speech, Wishes

Human Rights Day is celebrated on 10th December. Every country has its laws and regulations and human rights of every country may differ but Human Rights are that by which individuals can save them from being exploded and they can also choose what is right or wrong for them. On this day many political conferences, meetings, seminars, public exhibitions are organised because all this are dealing in Human Rights. On this day five yearly prizes are given which are United National Prize in the field of human rights, Nobel peace prize are awarded.

Human Rights Day 2020 Theme, Quotes, Speech

 So the name itself suggests that Human Rights Day is celebrated to celebrate or appreciate the idea that the rights are in a society imposed by the laws to remove the distance between rich and poor, powerful, and weak. This word, ‘right’ gives the power to a common-man of the country making him or her equal to the most powerful person in the country thus making the law of the country fair enough for each and one. Human rights day is celebrated on December 10 every year. The aim of attracting from all over the world towards human rights.

  What are these rights…? These rights mean that an individual is empowered. These rights are given by the law to individuals to dignify their identity. Some rights given by a law to the citizens are– 

  • Right to Information, 
  • Right to sue, 
  • Right to speak, 
  • Right to vote, 
  • Right to redressal and others…… 

So these rights are not only in our country but are with the people across the globe, also they are celebrated with dignity and pride worldwide. This day is celebrated worldwide by socially active people who are involved in politics and Society development. In India, the celebration is seen all over the country, but mostly celebrated in Delhi because, Delhi seems to be a very political oriented place where people are more attuned towards politics and development of society and various other aspects which are revolving around government, laws and rights.!! In various other parts also the day is celebrated in schools and colleges… 

On this day schools and colleges usually organize inter- school and school activities to motivate their children towards the topic and to guide them on the importance of rights available for a person in the society. Through these articles like debates and speeches the students get in touch with the policies, and about what laws the government is enacting for the betterment of society. In Some other parts of the country there are rally which political parties organize to promote their work and also awakened people about this day, and also about their rights.

Human Rights Day 2020 Wishes

 On this day I wish you all that you may acquire all the knowledge and awakening regarding the topic. This is a Hot cake for all the people who are professionals in the field of law making and politics but this is also important for a common man to know about his or her rights that he can use in circumstances or situations where without the knowledge of such rights he won’t be able to proceed or avail all the services or benefits that he must be availing. And so I wish that more and more people get entune towards the surface of the society and towards the topics which people are involved in, from a below poverty line person to the highest person in the country everyone should participate in national building which is only possible if there is a education if there is awakening about all these topics and rights which are available in the country for individuals.

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