Happy Kojagiri Purnima 2021, Wishes, Quotes, Images

Kojagiri Poornima is also known as Sharad Poornima. As it is one of the Indian festivals which is celebrated according to the Hindu calendar. It is the main festival for farmers, unmarried girls, Bhaktas of Lord Krishna and people who pray to Goddess Lakshmi. According to Hindi calendar it is celebrated in Ashwin Month which is month of October according to English calendar. As from this day Harvest season get started and monsoon get ended. On this day it says that moon come near too much to the earth and on this day moon give strong rays as it shine with all the 16 kala(s) to the Earth which nourished and healed the land for agriculture. At this day with the moon rays of 12 kala(s) it says that it make a positive difference to the human personality, so its benefits human body if you take this rays on Sharad Purnima. And on this day it also says that Lord Krishna does dance with the gopis of Vrindavan which is known as Maha Raas. And on this day also Lord Lakshmi was also born so people worship Lord Lakshmi on this day for good and prosperous wealth. 

Happy Kojagiri Purnima 2020, Images, Quotes, Wishes

 On this day harvesting people wishes to each other and motivates each other as from this day their business starts as Monsoon gets over this day. Farmers motivate each other to work hard and work together. And the farmer’s family also wishes for the farmer and promises them to give full support from today to their business. And these farmers celebrate this festival with each other and can feel motivated. On this day Bhakts of Lord Krishna also wish each other as on this day it says that lord Krishna does dance with gopis of Vrindavan. And to give good and healthy wishes people give kheer which they keep a whole night on the terrace before Sharad Purnima. So, it gets rays of kheer and it gets converted into Prasad. So people distribute this kheer with their wishes. And On this day people also wish for good health, and also for good lives as on this day Goddess Lakshmi was born. And after wishes people worship goddess Lakshmi for their good health.

 On this day the couple also worships the moon as it says that on this day our wishes can get true. And the couple wishes for each other to live together. Fasting of the autumn full moon has always meant fulfillment of all desires. Wishing that autumn full moon is very wonderful. The bright moon and the clear sky of autumn symbolize the complete disappearance of the monsoon. Happiness has the heart of everyday happiness. On the day of Sharad Purnima, Kheer is made with reverence and kept in the light of the moon, and then Prasad is distributed.

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