Happy Kumbh Mela 2021, Wishes, Images, Quotes

 India is a land of different kinds of festivals in which one of the biggest festivals is kumbh mela. Kumbh mela is the Hinduism world’s biggest religious gathering festival in India. It is celebrated every 12 years, and the three spots where the three rivers, the Ganga, the Yamuna and the invisible saraswati are intersecting with each other is called sangam. Kumbh mela festival is a sign by a ritual dip in holy rivers, with a prayer. Hindus believed that bathing in these rivers means to repent for past mistakes, and all sins are washed away, and they come one step closer to salvation. Extremely blessed by the divine. This year, in 2001, people have celebrated the maha kumbh which has come after 144 years, and this is the reason for the magnitude and significance of celebration so people walk of life, men, women, and children, even old and young from Indian and even abroad, have come to see the world’s biggest kumbh mela and enjoy the festival. 

Happy Kumbh Mela 2020, Wishes, Images, Quotes

On this day people wish ‘happy kumbh mela’ to each other with full enthusiasm and make sweets and then exchange with their relatives. They also organize or offer prayers to god in front of fire. When people attend this festival so that they forget all distinctions of caste language or region, they become a part of the universal soul and celebrate together. We can give wishes to our family members, relatives, neighbors, etc. by gifting them. The main ritual of this festival is to have a bath on the banks of the sacred river in the city. Other activities involved are sacred religious discussions, such as men and women, feeding the poor on a large scale, and holding religious sects for singing devotional songs. People visit the large number of kumbh mela to experience the religious and secular aspects of this occult. It is believed that a dip into the sacred Ganga during this period will destroy all sins.

 Another reason the kumbh mela is celebrated in every 12 years is due to which Jupiter completed a round of zodiac in about 12 years. Likewise, ardh kumbh mela is celebrated at haridwar. Which is the world’s largest gathering where a lakh or bhakts comes from all over countries and around the globe. The kumbh mela is held every three years and switches between four different locations that is haridwar, Ujjain, prayag and Nasik the mela returns to each location after a span of 12 years. “KUMBH” literally means nectar. The story behind the mela goes back to time when the god used to reside on earth. Sage Durvasa’s curse had weakened them, and demons caused havoc in the world so Lord Brahma advised that the churn out the nectar of immortality with the help of the demons. When the demons got to know of the god plan not to share the nectar with them. The kumbh fairs to be held in today’s time have adequate security, cleanliness and transport. 

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