Happy Lohri 2022 – Thursday, 13 January 2022

Festival Lohri is a popular winter festival of Punjab festival, celebrated by Hindus and Sikhs from the Punjab state on 13th January of every year before makar sankranti. Lohri marks the end of winter. All the friends, and relatives gather around large and all the society members are in one place, teaming bonfire to celebrate the passing of the winter. In lohri, all we do is the tradition of dancing and singing as everyone circles the bonfire. Lohri is celebrated in school and colleges as well. All girls and boys in Punjab look to celebrate this festival. In school and colleges, all students and teachers really enjoyed this festival with each. They are dancing in Punjabi songs around the bonfire. It is not only celebrated in Punjab, but other parts of north India, people celebrate by charring wood and playing songs on radio. Lohri is a festival for everyone to meet at a common place. The community comes together, and wishes each other. It is celebrated by the Indians. Lohri festival indicates that the freezing cold of the winter is ending and happy sunny days are arriving. Bonfire is the first spotlight of lohri festival. Dishes made of rewri, gajak, peanuts, popcorn and other seasonal products are snacks- as well as bonfire fodder. Lohri is traditionally linked to the Rabi crop. 

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On this special occasion, happy lohri is the common greeting on lohri whom all the community members wish each other to celebrate this festival. Rather than go to each other’s home, it’s better to celebrate in one place and exchange sweets or mithai. Happy lohri signifies the beginning of a new season. We all dance and sing around the lohri fire and throw foods like gajak, popcorn, puffed rice and others into the fire as tributes to the gods in exchange for blessing. Lohri is the significance of happiness and auspicious for newlywed couples and parents with newborn babies. We burn fire on lohri because lohri carry the messages, and prayers of the people to the sun to bring warmth to the planet to help crops grow. The next day is celebrated as makar sankranti. So I wish all the members of the community, this lohri bonfire indicates that the bright day ahead of all your lives and acts as people’s prayer to the sun and it’s just a really good excuse to party with each other. This day marks the beginning of the new beautiful new financial year for the farmers. Because farmers bring their harvest home on this day. It is celebrated more in Punjab and Haryana. And also celebrate this day as a new year. Happy lohri, may this festival of lohri fill your life with lots of energy and enthusiasm. Lohri is the festival that signifies prosperity, joy, happiness where all members of the community celebrate together. It is a day of immense joy and festivities for people who hail from the beautiful state of Punjab. Hope you bring joy and happiness to you and your family. 

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