Happy Mahavir Jayanti 2024 Date, Wishes, Quotes, Images

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 Mahavir janma kalyanak is one of the most important religious festivals in Jainism. It is celebrated in the Jain temple. It celebrates the birth of mahavir, the 24th and last tirthankara of present avasarpini. This festival is observed by Jain. It is the significance of birth anniversary of mahavir swami. Mahavir janma kalyanak is also known as mahavir jayanti. It is the favorable celebration the day when trishla mata gave birth to lord mahavir, over 2600 years ago. We celebrate it on the 13th day of the bright half of the Indian month chaitra. It’s the same as Christmas for Jain in both mahavir jayanti and Christmas celebrate the birth of lord mahavir and Lord Jesus that have inspired many spiritually.

Mahavir janma kalyanak is the celebration of the life of mahavir bhagwan, who is our teacher, a guru in his time or a great inspiration for our life. He is a tirthankar, showing us the right path to freedom from the cycle of life and death, and how to walk on this path. To find ourselves as a hero, to obtain self — realization and eventually to acquire moksha- abundant, infinite, eternal, bliss. Mahavir bhagwan is the prosperity of knowledge, compassion, appreciation, and we can develop the qualities of universal friendship or gain knowledge through positivity to overcome the obstacles or negative tendencies or stay away from greed, pride, ego, anger and have some patience. Mahavir bhagwan is a real example of a good teacher as our inspiration. 

Wishes —

 On the mahavir janma kalyanak, people give best wishes to each other by saying happy mahavir jayanti, we can wish to inspire them to always keep on the right path, and always be positive towards others as the mahavir bhagwan do. Always acquire knowledge or give knowledge to others or always respect your teacher because they guide in a better way or teach us how to acquire knowledge. Mahavir bhagwan is the one who gave the principle of many sided reality. There are five events of kalyanak which are favorable and referred to as the panchkalyanak. All jainy people celebrate this festival in the temple of Jain and wish mahavir jayanti to each other.

Happy Mahavir Jayanti 2024 Date, Wishes, Quotes, Images

 Five events are: Garba kalyanak — soul enters the human kingdom. Janma kalyanak- birth of tirthankar bhagwan. Diksha kalyanak- celebration of diksha, pledge to renounce. Keval gnaan kalyanak- acquires complete and infinite knowledge. Moksha kalyanak- leaves all remaining deeds forever, and resides in abundant, infinite bliss and knowledge. Mahavir is probably the most popular Jain tirthankar around the world. In Jainism, tirthankar is an individual who has defeat the samsara, the cycle of birth and death. When we wish mahavir jayanti to our people, we must gain knowledge of mahavir bhagwan and take it as an inspiration and pray for good life and blessed life.

Mahavir bhagwan gave the world, the five great oath of Jainism that Jain always follow this oath or don,’t go any wrong path, we also go the right path, namely: 1. Ahinsa (Non- violence) 2. Satya (Truth) 3. Asteya (Not stealing) 4. Brahmacharya (Celibacy) 5. Aparigrarh (Non- possessiveness) Mahavir bhagwan is the one who gave the principal of many sided reality. On this day all give a greet message to each other. Happy mahavir jayanti, have a blissful life, and always acquire knowledge to your guru mahavir bhagwan. In today’s article we have brought Maahavir Jayanti special information that you can share on Whatsapp or Facebook with friends and relatives.

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