Happy Narali Purnima 2021 Wishes, Images, Status, Quotes

Nariyal, Narali Purnima 2020 Wishes, Images, Status, Coconut Purnima
Narali Purnima 2020 Wishes, Images, Status

Nariyal Poornima, happy narali purnima, Happy Narali Purnima 2020 Wishes, Images, Status, Quotes

 As we all know that when we start something, for example, a business then we always first does some rituals, pujas, etc. and after doing all these things we smash a coconut. Why? Have you ever thought about this thing? So today, we will discuss the topic of nariyal purnima.  In the western part of India there is a festival named as nariyal purnima on this day people gather at one place on the Arabian Sea coastline and throw the coconuts in the Arabian Sea. All these things happen on the day of full moon (purnima). According to Hindi calendar all these things happen in the month of saavan and according to English calendar all these things happen in the month of July. These things always happen in the end of monsoon. This Festival is celebrated in the Maharashtra and the neighboring state. This festival is being celebrated because, in the month of June to July the trading season will begin and as I have told you earlier that on the starting of anything good we always smash a coconut. It is believed that whoever observes fast, and obeys on this day, their sins are destroyed. Along with this, observing a fast on the full moon of the month of Saavan, worshiping it with law and order, results in the same year — long fast. 

Narali Purnima 2020 Wishes, Images, Status

 In nariyal poornima, you can congratulate your friends and family on this festival by sending these lovely messages, special SMS, images and good wishes to them. As per the Indian tradition if there is a festival then we always give gifts to our respective elders, neighbors, relatives, family members, etc. we can also gift them a beautiful card decorated by flower made of paper or plastic we can also decorate the card by paper ribbons or rubber ribbons in which we can write good wishes like may. the sea god bless you and your family on narali purnima happy nariyal purnima, encouraging short messages like may this narali purnima lord varuna steal your all tensions or worries and give you lot of love happy nariyal purnima we can also write long messages like “I pray for your happiness and success on the festival of nariyal Purnima may you are always blessed with Joys over sorrows, prosperity over failure. On the occasion of nariyal purnima do not forget to thank the God of sea for most of the happiness, joy, peace etc.

Narali Purnima 2020 Quotes Images

We can also gift our family members, neighbors, relatives and friends a very well decorated coconut on the very auspicious occasion of narali purnima. We can also gift our elder siblings a very nice watch on the occasion of nariyal purnima, and we can give our smaller siblings the most beautiful dress of the culture of the particular region, so that’s how we can wish our family members, relatives, neighbors, etc. on the appreciable occasion of nariyal purnima. In the festival of nariyal poornima I wish you, and I pray to god for your prosperous life. May, you get all the enjoyments in your life, and all dreams come true.

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