Happy New Year 2022 Cousin

Happy New Year 2021 Wishes for Cousin

Happy New Year 2021  Cousin
Happy New Year 2021 Cousin

Cousins are always very special for everyone. They are like our real siblings. So this new year wish your cousin brother and sister and make their new year memorable.

Having a cousin is such a great thing. You don’t need friends when you have your cousins with you.

You’ll always find your secrets safe if you’ll share them with your cousins. They listen to you when you are sad and support you.

Remember your first breakup, after your friends who were there with you,yes your cousin sister/brother. When get totally pissed off he/she comes to you and tell you silly and stupid things and you forgets what was your problem.

Now this is your turn to thank your cousin brother/sister. Cousins love is always precious. Not everyone’s cousins are so cool and amazing.

On this new year party if you’ll not have your cousin brothers/sisters with you then your party will not be that much good as you expected. So if you are throwing a new year party then please call your cousin brother/sister. Party will be daam good.

Can you think of any party or occasion or wedding ceremony without your cousin brothers/sisters? Your answer is no. Then think about it.

Be nice with your cousin brothers/sisters because your friends will come and go but your cousins are always here for you, and no doubt they are your best friends.

Wish your cousins that the new year brings colors of happiness and lights of success in your life.

The whole year has 365 day [except the leap year] and from these days just one day is spent with your cousin sisters/brothers will make your bond stronger.

If you have your cousin brother/sister younger than you then you should give them special gifts and play with them and love them.

If your cousin brother/sister is elder than you then you should enjoy the era with them without any worry and capture the moments of the memorable night in your camera of phone and collect them in a photo frame or collage and when you’ll get older and you’ll look at the frame or collage then you’ll have a cute smile on your face and the moment will rewind in your mind.

If any of your cousin brother/sister is newly married then you can invite him/her with his/her partner and make her first new year very special and romantic.

If your cousin brother/sister is going to get married this year then wish him/her and his/her partner a happy new year and cheers to their new life ahead.

The new year is all about merriment,thanksgiving and celebration, so use it and enjoy your new year celebration with your cousin brother/sister.

Cousins are always so pleasant and have an encouraging personality. They are your siblings with another mother but they have the blood relation with you.

You should be glad and blessed to god that you got a cousin brother/sister. 

No one in your family is so much close to you except your cousins. They are like your best friends who will stay with you forever .

If you need a good friend then don’t go out and search for someone,just look around you and you’ll get some calm and decent people around you, your cousins.

If you want to hang out this new year and your friends are not able to join you,then don’t be sad, just take your phone out of your pocket and dial your cousin brother/sister’s  number and in a few minutes you’ll get them in front of you.

So this new year call your cousin brother/sister and wish them.

Send messages on social media to your cousin brother/sister and wish them happy new year and an amazing and joyful year ahead with lots of love,care and awesome moments for them and their friends and their parents and their partners.

So this new year please don’t forget to remember your cousin brother/sister in your new year’s party. 

Happy new year to you and your cousin brother/sister.

Enjoy your new year with your cousin brother/sister and make your and their new year memorable.

Happy new season.

Happy new year 2021.

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