Happy New Year 2022 Crush

Happy New Year 2021 Wishes for your Crush

Having a crush is always very important. But wishing him/her on the new year is too difficult. Because you don’t find a way to talk to him.

You can have crush on any one it could be your best friend,your classmate,your friend,you teacher,your boss,your cousin,your brother’s friend,collage mate,your senior,your junior,your insta friend,your facebook friend ,your tweeter friend,your favourite actor/actress,your favourite singer,your favourite athlete, or it could be any one.

The best way to wish your crush a happy new year is to tell him/her that you will spend the rest of your new years with me. he/she will love this and be very happy.

The person who can wish his/her crush a happy new without some cheesy and flirty lines can do anything in the world.

It takes some time to talk to your crush and tell him your feelings,but one day it happens.

If you are wishing to have your crush on the new year’s eve then you should buy some courage from anywhere and go to him/her and ask her to have his/her new year to have a happy new year with you. he/she will never say no,because new year is a day when no one says no to anyone.

Happy New Year 2021 Crush
Happy New Year 2021 Crush

Tell your crush that your true happiness is he/she,your true love is he/she and you truly need him/her to be in your life.

New year is all about closing the old chapters of your life and going forward for the new one. So this new year ask your crush to end the chapter of being a crush and start a new one as a girlfriend/boyfriend.

Tell your crush that you don’t know why you have a crush on him/her but you just know one thing that you have a crush on him/her.

Roses are the symbol of love which connects to the heart directly. So gift your crush roses and reach to his/her heart directly.

Tell your crush that you want him/her to be your social media dp, and you want to tag your every romantic post to him/her and you to mention him/her in the caption of your every post.

Tell  your crush that when it comes to choosing between you and my dreams I get confused because you are my only dream.

Make a wish for your crush this year and many more years ahead a cheerful,amazing,precious,bang on life.

Ask your crush to be your tom and you will be his/her jerry. And you will have a great tom and jerry relation,which the whole world loves a lot.

This new year wish for your crush that all his/her failure turns into success and all his/her dreams come true.

Thank your crush for giving you everyday goals and aims to impress you which had built so much confidence in you to share the feelings of your heart with him/her.

Tell him/her that he/she has made your life so beautiful in many ways,about that he/she has not any idea.

Tell your crush that he/she is like a pudding on the cake of his life,which is so beautiful just because of you.

Ask him/her to celebrate all his/her christmas and new year’s parties with you and make your parties more amazing and memorable.

Tell your crush that he/she is the reason behind your smile and you wish to god that when you wake up in the morning his/her face comes to you.

If you want to impress your crush this new year and your crush is a foodie and you love cooking then no one in the world is so lucky like you. You can cook his/her favourite stuff/food. After making the dish you can decorate it with your creativity,which will show him/her your love.

Tell your crush that the previous year would not be amazing if you were not in my life,and say thanks to him/her and god that he/she is in your life.

Tell your crush that you want to make his/her new year celebration as special as he/she is special for you. And as you him/her today you will never stop loving him for eighty,ninety more years.

Tell your crush that you are that person who never gets tired of loving you.

Some people have a crush on someone but they love to hide it for no reason,they just don’t want to share their feelings for their crush with anyone.

For those people wishing happy new year to their crush is just too easy,like a piece of cake.

They send happy new year messages to their crush and get satisfaction.

They don’t want to distract their crush by sharing their feelings for their crush.

So if you also want to wish your crush happy new year then don’t waste your time and go wish him/her a very happy new year.

Wishing you and your crush a very happy new year.

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