Happy New Year 2024 Wishes for Ex Boyfriend

Happy New Year 2024 wishes for Ex boyfriend

Happy New Year 2024 Wishes for Ex Boyfriend
Happy New Year 2024 Wishes for Ex Boyfriend

Apart from your friends and family the person about whom you think and wish for his happiness is your ex-boyfriend.

This new year let’s place your ego aside and wish your ex-bf a happy new year.

Due to some reasons you went apart from each other but this is the time to take all the differences apart and start your new friendship with your ex-boyfriend.

Remember your past years which you’ve spent with your ex-bf.The moments of your love which always want to be with you in your life.

Life is not too simple but it’s not impossible,so when life gives you a chance then you should accept it.

You gave up on your relationship but now give a chance to your friendship.

You should know that every good thing comes to an end,relationships too come to an end, and lovers become friends.

So you should give your ex-boyfriend a chance to be your friend.

No doubt you promised each other to be with each other but you failed to do so,but there’s a chance for you to complete your promise. You can always be with your ex as a good and concerned friend.

As the new year is here everything is new ,yes no doubt your partner is also new but we can’t forget the old thing and  old partner.

The memories he gave you are always with you like a photo frame.

So wish your ex-boyfriend a very happy new year, which brings lots of happiness and love in his life.

Who so ever knows, what will happen in future, we could just try our best.

There is your chance to try for your love. Maybe your ex-bf realises his mistakes and he will also give you a chance to prove yourself.

By wishing him on this special day you can express your love and care for him which was always in your heart.

Tell him that the proof of my love is that I always wished for your happiness, whether it is with me or someone else.

So don’t miss this chance and say your ex;

Happy new year my dear ex.

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