Happy New Year 2022 Husband

Happy New Year 2021 Wishes for Husband

New year comes with new adventures,new excitements and new hopes for everyone.

So this new year wish your life partner,love of your life,your husband a happy new year and thank him for always loving you and thank god for blessing you with him  in your life.

If you want your husband to leave smoking and drinking from this new year then ask him to give up on smoking and drinking. Tell him that he is so special and important for you and you don’t want to lose him ever. He will definitely make a resolution about it and will give up on drinking and smoking.

If your husband lives in another city and you are missing him so much and you wish to have him with you this new year then make a wish from god that next year you want to celebrate your new year with your husband and rest of the new years.

If you want to make your husband’s new year celebration memorable then you should plan for a romantic date with him.

If you are wishing for a river side date then tell this to your husband just like your other wishes he will definitely complete your wish time also. 

If you want your husband to be surprised this new year then throw a surprise new year’s party and invite your and his childhood and college friends to that party and make your and your husband’s new year amazing. Because occasions with friends become memorable.

If you want your husband to remember all your past new year celebrations and the journey of your love and your married life then write him a letter and remind him about all those experiences and memories.

If you and your husband had an arranged marriage then you must be always hesitating to express your love,care,respect and feelings for him. New year comes with new hopes and motivation. So this new year have some courage and go to your husband and try to express all your love and all your feelings for him in front of him. He will be surprised and this will be the best new year’s gift for him.

Happy New Year 2021 Husband
Happy New Year 2021 Husband

On any occasion the husband waits for just one person’s wishes,his wife. For a husband his wife is the most beautiful and prettiest woman in the world. He always waits for her to wish him on any special day. So this is the responsibility of a wife to make his husband’s new year memorable and fabulous. 

If you are a newly married couple and you want to show your love and care for your husband to him then this is the best time for all these things. A husband always wants that his wife always stays happy and satisfied with him. This is not only the duty of your husband to make you feel special everyday and express his love,care and respect for you. Sometimes you should also have to make him feel that only he doesn’t have to do all the special and beautiful things for you. Make him feel that you also love him and he has no need to prove his love for you.

New year comes after the interval of three sixty five days,not because the year ends after every three sixty fifth day. It comes to give everyone a chance to improve themselves and encourages them to do the things they wanted to do in the previous year but due to some reasons unable to do so.

Here it comes to give you a chance to make your husband’s day the best day of your married life’s journey.

If you want to make your husband revive all your old days memories and moments that you have spent together. Then this is your call. Don’t miss the chance.

The best way to make him revive the old memories is to give him a photo collage having your old days pictures. This will be the best new year’s gift for your husband.

You should write a short story about your love journey and give that to your husband. You should start from the first he proposed you to be his girl and finish with today.

You can write about how you felt when he proposed to you. You should him that the days,months,years,hours,minutes,seconds,and milliseconds that i have spent with you were the most beautiful and fantastic moments of life and i want that the rest of my life’s days,weeks,months,years,hours,minutes,seconds and milliseconds i spend with you and you always stay with me forever and after this world.

You can tell him the experience of the day when he asked you to get married. You can write that when you asked me to marry you. I was very happy and from inside i was thanking god that this day came and you asked me to be in your life forever.

After all this you can write about your experiences after you get married to him. You can tell him that when the first day I came to your house as your soul mate,as your wife. I was so glad and grateful to god that god gave me such a nice,caring and loving husband and the best family in the world.

After all these things you should write that dear husband i’m so glad to have you i my life and i always want to stay with you and spend the rest of my life with you and i want that when we get old and become an old lady who has a wrinkled face and boring things to talk and discuss, then you should love me the same as you love me today.

So on this new year don’t miss the chance to wish your husband a very happy new year and an amazing,cheerful,beautiful and romantic life ahead with you.

Wishing you and your husband happy new year and best of luck for the future.

Happy new year.  

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