Happy Nuakhai 2021, Wishes, Images, Quotes

 As we all know that every state has it main festival like Rajasthan has gangor as its main festival like this Odisha also has its main festival named as Naukhai. This festival is mainly celebrated in Odisha because of the ripening of rice an autumn crop or a kharif crop. According to the Hindi calendar this festival is on the fifth day of the fortnight of the lunar month. And according to the English calendar this festival comes in the months of Augusts to September. This is the festival of harvest. This festival comes annually. The people in the Odisha starts the preparation of the festival before 15 days, in these fifteen days they do the nine rituals named as 1-beheren 2-lagna dekha 3- daka haka 4- sappha suture and lipa phuccha 5- ghina bika 6- nua dhan khuja 7- Bali paka 8- nuakhai 9-juhar bhet. 

Happy Naukhai 2020, Wishes, Images, Quotes

We can give wishes to our family members, relatives, neighbors, etc. by gifting them the most beautiful card made up of paper and decorated by the flowers of paper, or flower of plastic, rubber ribbons, paper ribbons in which we can write good wishes like in this holy and auspicious occasion of Naukhai a warm wish to our family members relatives friends neighbor and let’s pray to maa samaleswari the famous mother goddess of sambalpur district of Odisha to offer peace and prosperity to all of us, or encouraging lines like may goddess samalesvari helps you in the upcoming season to grow more good crop of rice than now. Then in the last, you can also write happy naukhai festival of the year, May this naukhai is the bestest naukhai of your entire life. You can also give gifts to your neighbors, relatives, family members, friends, friend’s family, and other people of your society a most auspicious branded budgetful watch, or you can gift them the most beautiful odishian cultured dress like kurta and gamucha to your male friends family members relatives, etc. and generally in the odishiyan culture most of the girls wear duits and ladies wear the sarees so, you can gift your married females the most beautiful and precious saree, and you can also gift you unmarried females the most auspicious and the most gorgeous suits, and tell them that may goddess samaleswari fulfill your all food needs in the auspicious occasion of naukhai may this article is helpful for you to wish your family members, relatives, friends, and other members of your society a happy naukhai festival of the year. Through Naukhai festival, people express their gratitude to Mother Earth and seek blessings for the next harvest. They offer Navnna as an offering and wish for the next harvest. People share secrets of gifts greetings to each other. On this day the new rice yield makes different varieties of dishes and divides them between relations and friends. People greet each other on this special occasion; so, you can send some texts, and quotes with photos to your relatives.

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