Happy Onam 2021, Images, Wishes, Quotes

 Well they are accomplished festivals that we celebrate all over the country based upon all the traditions based upon how people live their standards that customs v almost celebrate in our country almost each day of the year but now I am speaking ostensibly about a festival named Onam. Onam festival is celebrated in Kerala. It is a harvest festival in which people harvest crops in the months of August to September and celebrate it annually. It is a big day for the people of Kerala the whole city dwells with excitement. This is because of the following attractions that are the center of this festival. Now the other most attractive thing offered at the festival is the dance popularly known as kaikottikali dance form. This dance is a very famous group dance performed by the women of Kerala in this festival which is an attractive scene of the whole show. With women performing this dance form they represent in this art form their culture and their native traditions. Speaking of the attire they wear is a very simple one and the dance form technically is also very simple to perform but the main thing which is of importance is the coordination in the dance form. So in this dance form women move clockwise and anticlockwise move downwards with beauty just because of their hands we move upwards, and in various directions giving a beautiful scenario for the people to view. Also in this, the first line is sung by the main women in the front, and then the other woman in the background repeat the cold within clubs in Unison making it all the more attractive for the public making the whole scene very joyous for all the people to celebrate the festival and the whole zeal and enthusiasm of the festival is perceived by the tourist, and people from all over the country in a very positive way which also marks a good image of our country in their perspective. 

Happy Onam 2020, Images, Wishes, Quotes

 People on this day with each other are very Happy Onam. They wish Each Other prosperity and bless each other’s family with all the love and care. The wish for each other’s success and whatever you want in life the whole scene is a very positive one and the first festivals obviously meant to unite the city or the state for which purpose they are celebrated. In India, the main perspective of festivals is praising The Lord on that particular day here on the Onam day as well the Kerala people worship their Lord Mahabali by going in temples and praising his songs. So, I wish you and your family a very Happy Onam. May all your wishes come true on this day and you enjoy your day to the fullest you have all the zeal and energy. May the lord showers all his wishes in your labs and you may be successful in your may you get all the success Mahabali brings all the things that you want in your life and you never ever try for things that you always. The main impact of the festival is that people are United which a mixture of feelings of joy and Enthusiasm IL passion and devotion towards the Lord. They celebrate their success of harvesting a good crop on the day and also celebrate the unity and the warmth of the day and wish each other the best in their lives. So festivals are equally important in our life. We might be very busy nowadays, but these festivals are something which unreasonable reunites us all and gives us some quality time with our neighborhood and our society which also gives us power, and we are rejuvenated with the warmth of the day for some time ahead.

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