Happy Pana sankranti 2021, Images, Quotes, Wishes

Pana sankranti is the greatest festival of Buddhism and Hinduism but especially it is celebrated in Odisha, India. This festival is traditionally a new year day festival which is also known as Maha Vishuba sankranti. This occasion is not celebrated on the fix date while it is celebrated according to the solar cycle of the lunisolar calendars as the first day of the traditional solar month of mesha. According to the Gregorian calendar, always every year it falls on 14 April. Mainly it is observed by Odian Buddhism people. On this precious occasion of Pana sankranti peoples visit the lord Shiva, Shakti, or Hanuman temples as they considered as this day birthday of lord Hanuman also take bath on the coast of the rivers and pilgrimage centers, many communities organize some small fairs, stalls, and also street dance for the enjoyment of the peoples. People celebrate this precious occasion with lots of love, prosperity, rejoice and lots of fun. We can also call this festival Maha Bisuba Sankranti and Odia Nua Barsa.

 It is celebrated like as the celebration of new year, so on this precious occasion we can give wishes to our love one’s like our family members, mother, father, any cousins, neighbors, friends, relatives, and lots of many other peoples by giving some special gifts like bouquet of different types of flowers, some memorial gifts, sceneries of god, any teddy bear, toys for kids, watches, dresses, any game equipment and accessories for ladies, and many things. We can send wishes on the day of Pana sankranti by sending some pictures, photos, some special and sweet words, quotes of Pana sankranti like may this Pana sankranti bring lots of love, prosperity, happiness, joy, and good health for you and your family members through the Whatsapp messenger, telegram, email, by Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. We can give wishes to someone by saying some special words that I am wishing you a very happy Pana sankranti may god gives you all the blessings and happiness of the world and May you get greater heights of success where no one can go. May God fulfill your all desires and your all dreams come true, happy Pana sankranti dear! We can give good wishes on the auspicious occasion of pana sankranti by sending good thoughts and good vibes like by giving a small sweet card for our loved ones which is decorated with pencil colors, paper ribbons by some paper flowers, and many other things. I hope this article will be helpful for you if you really want to give wishes to someone on this festival of Pana sankranti.

 According to the traditions of odia, the pan sankranti is said to be the birthday of the Hindu deity hanuman. Her love — based devotion to Rama, Vishnu avatar is legendary in the Ramayana. Their temples are revered in the New Year with Shiva and Surya. Hindus also go to goddess temples. This day is celebrated with great joy; social cultural and religious performance.

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