Happy Parents worship day 2022 Wishes Quotes, Images

As we all know about parents worship day which is celebrated every year on 14th February. First, it was started by the Indian scriptural leader Mr. Sant Asaram Bapu in 2007 at gurukul, Ahmedabad as an alternative to Valentine’s Day. Firstly, it is observed in India which is totally cultural. The next parents worship day will celebrate next-year on 14th February 2021. According to Indian Hindus, this occasion of parents worship day also known as the Matru (mata), Pitru (pita) diwas which is related to the Sanskrit words. The festival of Matru pitru diwas (parents worship day) is the inspiration of lord Ganesha who did pujan of her parents lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

Happy Parents worship day 2021 Wishes Quotes, Images

This festival is celebrated by all states but it is called by different names in different states like in Chandigarh, it is called by the name of matru-pitru diwas, in Bhubaneswar, it is called parents worship day, etc. On this special occasion of parents the government of all the states of India gives a holiday as a government leave in all the schools, colleges, universities, government offices, etc. On this day children worship their parents in a religious manner by offering Tilak garland and take blessings from them for our higher success in life, for a better life, for a long life. These all about the Hindus but now we are talking about Muslims religions, Muslims celebrate this precious occasion as an Abba Ammi Ibadat Diwas. 

This auspicious occasion of parents shows the bonding between children and parents. We can give wishes to our parents on the precious day of parents’ worship day by showing lots of love for them. We can also give wishes to our family members like our granny, grandma, grandpa on parents worship day because they are also our parents, they have lots of more knowledge from our parents because they are the parents of our parents. We can send wishes to our family members on parents’ worship day by spending time together with them, by sharing some old memories with them, by feeling better with them etc. We can give wishes to them by giving some affordable gifts like their favorite religious books, their favorite type dress, footwear, etc.

We can wish them on parents’ worship day by saying some special and sweet words and express their feelings, love for them like I love you, my parents, I am your child if I made any mistake which hurts you then I apologize for that mistake, and you please forgive all bad things. We should make them happy neither on the day of parents worship or on all days of the year. Always remember that you are there with your parents, so always have respect for them. Honor your parents on the mother — Father’s Day on the 14th of February and take a vow that you will respect your parents throughout your life and observe them. Respect your parents. It is our duty to always obey his or her commands.

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