Happy Pongal 2022, Images, Quotes, Wishes

Pongal is the harvest festival of Tamil Nadu and is considered as the festival for farmers. It is celebrated every January. Pongal is celebrated for 4 days,, and the celebrations include Bhogi, Surya pongal, mattu pongal and kaanum pongal. On this day, pongal is prepared and first offered to goddess pongal. It is prepared from fresh milk, raw rice, jaggery, ghee, moong dhal and cashew nuts. Traditionally, this festival is dedicated to the prosperity, in which rain, sunshine, and agricultural cattle are worshipped to bring prosperity. The sun is considered a giver of food money and is celebrated for four days, and gratitude is paid to them. Going deeper into the subject, this festival is dedicated to the gods related to agricultural and crops. This festival has special significance for farmers. Tamil Nadu farmers are waiting for the occasion of this festival. By the end of December farmers will get leave after rice cultivation. The festival is celebrated with much fanfare. 

Happy Pongal 2020, Images, Quotes, Wishes

Pongal is celebrated by Tamil people in Tamil nadu and Pondicherry in India, so, we can wish pongal as Happy pongal, may god bless you with peace, prosperity, joy and happiness in your life. May, this harvest festival fill your heart with calm and this day with colorful kolams and sweets. God gives happiness to you in all abundance in your life, let us join our hand to pray for happiness and glory in our lives. May, parvati, almighty bless you with the best wealth on this auspicious festival. We can also wish a pongal with the help of beautiful quotes such as “May parvati shower her blessings, May lord Ganesha give his praise, and only almighty god, so may this pongal bring the divine blessings of Surya reach your home. Wish you and your family, and May blessed with the best in everything that you want and seek for. May the sweetness of gur, doodh and kaju bring happiness into your life and may you achieve everything you dreamed about or what you aspire or may you achieve your goals.

 May, this harvest festival reduce all your fears and failures from your life. To Wish your loved one and show your gratitude to the almighty for every blessing you have in your life and harmony in your life. People celebrate pongal by wearing new traditional dress and decorate their house by teeing the mango leaves and kaapu flowers in their entrance. Sugarcane is the real treat of the people. They are eating after praying to god. Pongal is considered the beginning of the uttarayan. People eagerly wait for this day to offer cooked rice to the god on pongal day. Many people visit their natives, the houses are cleaned, painted and decorated before the celebration starts. The festival is celebrated as a Thanksgiving ceremony to god. On this day all the women wish their brothers good life and success. In 2021 pongal festival will be celebrated on 14 January.

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