Happy Ram Navami 2021, Images, Quotes, Wishes

This country is full of traditions and Customs due to which we celebrate each custom and religious belief with a festival which brings joy in our life which dwells us to a great quality time with our neighborhood, our society which connects us to our beliefs, to our traditions and to our ancestors, ‘ thoughts, and their customs. One of such festivals that we Indians celebrate is Ram Navami. This festival is celebrated all over India with great zeal and enthusiasm. On this day we worship, ‘Lord Rama.’ This day is no doubtly an important day for all the people who follow Hindu religion because on this day they worship Lord Rama who holds a good respect in hearts of all the Hindus, and almost all the religions, and festivals revolve around him. Ram Navami in that perspective is equally important. It is celebrated on the ninth day of Chaitra month. It is celebrated to celebrate the birth of Lord Rama on the day that also marks the culmination of Navratri. This day comes in the month which also marks the starting of the year in the Hindu calendar. So as I said this festival is important to Hindu religion and specifically speaking of it is the vaishnavism who follows this Festival very authentically because it is considered that it was lord Vishnu’s seventh Avatar–‘ Lord Rama, ‘ who took birth on this day, and for this incarnation they celebrate Ram Navami. 

How to celebrate it??

On this day people visit temples to worship Lord Rama in various historical places and find peace and to celebrate the glory of Lord. On this day people recite the stories of Lord Rama through a source which is popularly known as Ramayana that is also a very important religious book for Hindus, From which they seek inspiration from the stories of their Lord; and try to implement those morals in their day-to-day life to lead a good, moralistic, and Happy life. This festival is widely celebrated in Ayodhya in which people go and take bath on the “Ghats.” Then visit the Lord Rama temple and people also participate in shobhayatra. 

Happy Ram Navami 2020, Images, Quotes, Wishes

So on this cheerful day I would like to wish you and your family a very happy Ram Navami. May, this day bring all the happiness and glory and success in your life. May you achieve all that you want, all that you desire for stop may all your dreams come true. May Lord Rama bring all his happiness and shower his blessings of love and glory on your home and you and your family full stop and with that you live a prosperous life. These are my core wishes for all the people who are reading this article. I would wish you and also request you to go through Lord Rama stories, and seek inspiration from all his stories of real life, so that your life also turns out to be a good religious one. 

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