Happy Ratha Saptami 2022, Images, Quotes, Wishes

Ratha Saptami 

Ratha Saptami, or we can also spell it Ratha saptami is one of the auspicious and most famous and also the most divine Hindu festival that falls on the seventh day, or we can normally say the seventh day as Saptamu in the bright half, or we can also say this Shukla Paksha in the Hindi language because most of us would know these words in Hindi language of the Hindu month that is having its own significance and it as known as Maagha. It is also represented in the form of the Sun, (Source of heat light and energy (God Surya turning his Ratha or in English. it is called (Chariot) drawn by seven horses (representing seven colours), seven horses are having their own significance because they are meant as very lucky for the good omen and whenever there is something new, and whenever we talking about the beginning of something, we always talk about the seven horses and on this day the sun moved towards the Northern Hemisphere, in a north-easterly direction. It also celebrates the birth of lord sun, and hence celebrated as Surya Jayanti or Lord Sun’s Birthday.

Happy Ratha Saptami 2020, Images, Quotes, Wishes

 Sun is the major source of heat and light, and this day is one of the most auspicious days because it marks as the Birthday of the Lord Sun. The sun is our lord and without sun, life is not possible on earth, so this is one such day when we glorify the Lord Sun or GodSun. So on this auspicious day I wish you Happiest Ratha saptami Day, I wish you all the good and best wishes for your future on this day. On this auspicious Day of Ratha Saptami May Lord Sun bless you with a long life and life full of happiness. May Lord Sun bestows his blessings upon you for the rest of your life and may Allah give prosperity to you with the commencement of this fresh and new year. May Lord Sun, The Almighty showers his love and blessings to you on this special festival and may you live long with lots of happiness in your life. We can also wish Ratha saptami with the help of beautiful quotes such as, “May all the praises, and thanks be to Lord Sun, to whom belongs all that is in heavens, and also pray for the well-being of the family. We all belong to one lord, and we are blessed that we are the kids of the one and only supreme power that is almighty god, so may this Ratha saptami bring lots of happiness and prosperity in your life and may you be blessed with the best in everything you seek for. May you get everything you want and may you achieve the heights and May success is always with you. May Lord Sun bring lots of good luck and good omen in your life and may Lord Sun best on his auspicious and powerful love upon you. Ratha saptami is as auspicious as god so may this festival bring everything you desire and may Lord Sun be always with you. 

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