Happy Ratha Yatra 2021, Images, Quotes, Wishes

 Festivals are an important part of life, their remark the traditions that we used to follow in Olden times they are the remark of the customs of the rituals values that our ancestors had their times and now we descendants are following all those rituals and Customs to pay our respect towards those cultures. Across the borders of our country we follow a variety of festivals and other countries often remember us for our festivals, and the belief that we Indians follow or celebrate festivals almost every day of the year. Out of all the festivals out there the four most important Diwali Holi Makar Sankranti and Raksha Bandhan but besides there are other festivals also which are originally celebrated by various States, for example in the West, we celebrate multiple festivals specifically in Rajasthan celebrating Rath Yatra enthusiasm and zeal. This festival involves public procession wearing people from different parts of the city come together, and move together from one sacred place to another carrying the chariots of Gods and Goddesses to Mark respect towards them.

Happy Ratha Yatra 2020, Images, Quotes, Wishes

On this occasion of Rath Yatra I wish you and your family a very happy Rath Yatra this day brings all the happiness in your life make this day brings all the pleasure happiness and joy Wheel in your life made fill your life with all the positivity may Lord Vishnu showers his blessings towards you. Mainly on this holiday you get whatever you wish, you wish you were all your dreams, you work hard towards your dreams and you get success in your life. I wish you to enjoy this day to the death and rejuvenate the positivity of the day with your family. 

In this Yatra vacancy people carry very tall images of Lord Vishnu Sudarshan Chakra and incarnation. Rath yatra is actually a Sanskrit word the first one is rath which means a Chariot or carriage and the second one is Yatra which means pilgrimage journey. Usually people from villages and political leaders and sent from temples gather in a temple, and start their Yatra from that place worshipping their Lord full stop the wear casual dress. These people are devotees full use wooden made chariots of their Lord Vishnu which is 45 meter tall and 33 meter wide full stops this year it takes about 2 months to be built and painters and craftsmen also decorate the Chariot with beautiful flowers inverted lotuses and Thrones at the back of the Jagannath Chariot. Charities and placed on a wheeled rat or carriage and is being pulled by people across the wrath and the whole scenario looks very Majestic and Holly. During the period, worship and hari sankirtana are done; Brahmins and others are fed and donated. A huge crowd of people are seen on the entire route on both sides of the road to watch the procession of the Rath Yatra. Everyone wants to see the idol of the Lord in the chariot and receive the Prasad.

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