Happy Sharad Purnima 2021, Images, Quotes, Wishes

Sharad Purnima

 According to the Indian Hindu lunar calendar, the harvest festival is celebrated on the full moon of the month of Ashwin which is Sharad Purnima. According to English months it comes between September and October which is the end of the monsoon season. We can also call this Sharad Purnima as Kumara Purnima, kojagari Lakshmi puja Purnima, kaumudi Purnima and Navanna Purnima. The most important festival of Hinduism, Sharad Purnima is the symbol of the beginnings of autumn and also, it signs the starting of Ashwin month. On the precious occasion of Sharad Purnima, the beneficial and most important rays come on the earth surface from the full moon overnight and maximum number of devotees made kheer in their homes and temples, and keep it on the roof below the rays of full moon and in the morning they distribute it as prashad. According to Indian culture, people understand that these rays are most beneficial for the health of us.

Happy Sharad Purnima 2020, Images, Quotes, Wishes

 On this day we pray to the moon God and Goddess Lakshmi who is the Devi of wealth, luck, peace, and prosperity. On this day we can give wishes to someone by giving a bowl of kheer after keeping in moonlight as a prashad and simply say may this year’s 2020 Sharad Purnima or kaumudi Purnima bring lots of love, prosperity, peace, and good luck. In Odisha, unmarried girls and women take fast on this special occasion to have a sweet, charming, cute, and suitable groom for her better life, so we can give blessings to them by saying God may give you a happy life with your wanted husband. We can wish to our family members, friends, relatives, neighbors and many other people’s by sending some special dishes, sweets, and mostly by sending some heart touching gifts like bouquet of flowers, diamond ring, silver or gold ring, chain, necklace, bracelet, earrings, anklet and many other affordable items.

 On this precious occasion of Sharad Purnima we should give charity to poor people by distributing some special needy things like the food, clothes, groceries, slippers, bags and many more other items for taking lots of love and blessings from them. We can also give wishes to animals by giving him food and drinking water. We can wish our loved ones by spending time with them and sharing some secrets, old memories. We can also give at least one promise to our parents for one good habit on the auspicious festival of the Sharad Purnima. We can wish for ourselves by learning something, by helping someone on the greatest festival of Hinduism which is Sharad Purnima. Autumn full moon is a very important date. Sharad purnima is today, and the moon is full of sixteen arts on this day. On this day, there is a rain of nectar from the moon which gives wealth, love and health. Born of love and art, he had made the king of maharas that very day. Special experiments on this day offer excellent health, immense love and wealth.

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