Happy Shiv Jayanti 2022, Images, Quotes, Wishes

Shiv Jayanti

 Shivaji’s full name was Shivaji Bhosale. Shivaji jayanti celebrate on 19th February. Shivaji jayanti celebrate specially in Maharashtra. Shivaji maharaj was an Indian Warrior King. Shivaji maharaj was validly instated as the Chatrapati of his empire at Raigad. Shivaji Maharaj was the first Chatrapati of the Maratha Empire. Shivaji maharaja was deeply religious and hated the Muslim rulers. He was a kind and able ruler and Shivaji respected women and worshiped goddess Bhawani. Shivaji maharaj loved his mother land. 

Happy Shiv Jayanti 2020, Images, Quotes, Wishes

 Shivaji jayanti is celebrated with excitement every year on 19th February. Shivaji jayanti is a public holiday in Maharashtra but this festival is also celebrated in some parts outside of Maharashtra. On this day, people give their best wishes to each other. They give wishes and massage life to be strong and inspiring, liking him. We can wish someone to inspire Chatrapati Shivaji to believe in true religion. In Maharashtra, people do puja at Shivaji statue and pray for a better life for the new generation and give promise that we will move on their footprints. On this day many people and students celebrated this festival. Before this festival in school students and teachers celebrate birth anniversary in many ways, like do play on Shivaji on biography. In Shivaji’s festival the young generation celebrate in many ways. Girls rally was out in scooty and boys also rally was out, but they are out in jeeps or cars, etc. On this day, people dress up like Shivaji and celebrate with full excitement. In this festival ladies wear saree in Marathi style and boys also wear kurta and pajama and there is a safaa on the forehead.

 On Shivaji’s birth anniversary ladies made many dishes and celebrated with family and friends. They decorated houses. Shivaji’s birth anniversary is celebrated in Hyderabad. Their people leave the rally with dhol-tasha. In Mumbai, the airport, located Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, their people also celebrated Shivaji’s birth anniversary. Those people decorated the entire airport with lighting, decorated paper etc. It is worth seeing. In Maharashtra, those people do play in the road on this festival. Shivaji’s birth anniversary is celebrated not in India but all around the world. Goa and Karnataka also celebrate Shivaji jayanti. There is no drama over the life of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. On this day, people decorated Shivaji stadium, terminals and gardens. In Shivaji stadium people decorate the full stadium and function in the stadium and speak on Shivaji Maharaj. On Shivaji’s birth anniversary particular processions are leave outs. According to people we should do something like that in life and should fight for our country and caste like Shivaji Maharaj. People also believe that Shivaji Maharaj was a successful man and for him Shivaji Maharaj likes a hero. 

Wish for shiv jayanti — “To any goal, planning to get. Is rather important, by way of planning you can achieve your goals.” A lot of good wishes for Shivaji jayanti.

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