Happy Thaipusam 2022, Images, Quotes, Wishes

Thaipusam is an energetic festival celebrated in January and February by many Tamils to honor lord murgan, the Hindu god of war and a son of Shiva. During this festival, lord murgan is showered with gifts of gratitude and devotion to prayers. Thaipusam is a temple festival celebrated by Hindus of Tamil in Singapore. “Thaipusam” occurs on the full moon day in the Tamil month. Thai means 10th and pusam meaning when the moon is at its brighter. Thaipusam is celebrated when the mission is taken by the devotees by shaving their heads and engaging in various acts of devotion, carrying different types of kavadi or a pot of milk. It is commonly believed that Thaipusam marks Murugan’s birthday where the parvati gave murugan, so he could vanish the evil demon. This festival is mostly celebrated in perang, Malaysia and in Singapore. Mostly young adult males, engane in the memorable part of the parade. Then early in the day, they have their body pierced with a number of fishhooks. Self- imposed torture is a part of the celebration of Thaipusam in some countries, particularly among the Tamil people. Thaipusam is also known as “kavadi- carrying.” A kavadi is decorated with flowers, peacock features and papers. It is carried on the devotee’s shoulders with offering various food items or balanced on the base. 

Happy Thaipusam 2020, Images, Quotes, Wishes

On this day, we wish someone, saying “Have a blessed Thaipusam “The preparations start 48 days before the Thaipusam festival. Devotees complete fasting or eating only one simple vegetarian meal or fruits and milk a day. Generally, Hindus take an oath to offer a kavadi to idol for the purpose of tiding over a great tragedy. The motive of Thaipusam festival is to pray to god to receive his honor so that bad customs are destroyed. Let’s all we together to let’s go all our bad customs, and progress towards a healthy lifestyle. The ritual is rich of symbolic meanings. Thaipusam is the waking up the spirit over a body, a celebration of colors and sounds. Let we all seek blessings from lord murgan who is the avatar of lord Shiva’s light and wisdom and prays to him to help us overcome the problems of life. We all pray to lord murugan to destroy the bad customs around us. Salute to the great youth, power and truth, lord murgan, for whom the day of Thaipusam is dedicated. Let us clean our soul through prayers and fasting, and continuously think of our god by performing ceremonies on this special day of Thaipusam. This day gives us a sense of the strength of faith for it is the unwavering faith of men. Dedicated to the deity murugan, this festival brings new prosperity to our lives. This day is also seen as the victory of good over evil. Along with this festival of Thaipusam is quite popular is abroad too.

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