Happy Ugadi 2022, Images, Quotes, Wishes


Ugadi is the most important festival of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka. The festival of South Indian states which is ugadi annually celebrated as a new year. According to Indian Hindu lunisolar calendar, this festival is celebrated in the first month of chaitra and according to Georgian calendar falls in between March, and April. The south Indian festival of ugadi is also known as Yugadi, Samvatsara Telugu and Kannada New Year. This is a festival of South Indian Hindus which is celebrated with lots of fun enjoyment in happiness and according to Indian Hindu culture. This is a greater religious festival of South Indian Hindu. On the precious occasion of ugadi peoples make a kolam rangoli, lots of sweets, they visit temples and do prayers, worship the god, feast with holige and bevu Bella. Last year it was celebrated on Saturday 6 April 2020 and now in this year 2021 it will come on Wednesday 25th march. On this special occasion, ugadi peoples made special dishes which are called ugadi pachadi. Mainly this dish is made on the festival of ugadi that’s why we call it ugadi pachadi and it is made by the combination of all flavors like salt, sour, bitter, astringent, sweet, and spicy. 

Happy Ugadi 2020, Images, Quotes, Wishes

On this special occasion we can give wishes to you loved ones by making some special dishes in which one is panchali, by spending time together with them, by giving lots of love and rejoicing. We can send wishes to our neighbors, other family members, friends and other relatives by sending some simple wishes through the card in which we can express our gratitude, our feelings for them, our expectations from them on the day of ugadi and also, we can give wishes by writing some blessings, love, and lots of sweet quotes. On this precious festival of ugadi people’s doe’s lots of charity in orphanages, we can also give lots of items to poor people like a special food which is panchali, new clothes. We can give wishes by giving some gifts like a special bath followed by oil treatment, and by saying I am wishing you a very happy ugadi pachali festival may this year’s ugadi bring a lot of love, fun, prosperity, happiness, good health and wellness and mostly it will give you peace in your mind.

 May, this year’s 2021 ugadi come with many things in your life and may you get higher success in your business, your goals and mostly your lives objectives. People consider this day as a very auspicious occasion, and happy New Year as well as the beginning of happiness. People on this day offer garlands of beautiful fragrant jasmine flowers to god and worship him. Some people paint the walls of their houses white and decorate them with fresh mango leaves. The houses are decorated with flowers. People place urn on the doors of their houses, and leaves of a coconut and mango on it. Many traditional, literary and cultural pubs are introduced to others.

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