Happy Vaikunta Ekadasi 2021, Wishes, Images, Quotes, Date

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As we know that Hindus have many festivals in a year, vaikunta ekadashi is the greatest festival one of them. Vaikunta ekadashi is the auspicious occasion which is related to lord Vishnu. According to Indian Hindu calendar, vaikunta ekadashi is celebrated in the month of margashish which comes between December and January. This festival is observed the liberalization of cycle of birth and death.

This is the big occasion of Hindu’s which is celebrated only in India. On this occasion people take fasting with strictness of food, and pray for the better future to God Vishnu and people do meditation in front of lord Vishnu. On the day of vaikuntha ekadashi, people are not allowed to eat rice. The main significance of vaikuntha ekadashi is mentioned in the padam Purana, the gods unable to bear the pain of muran a demon approached lord Shiva, who directed them to Vishnu.

Happy vaikunta ekadasi 2020 images, happy vaikunta ekadasi wishes, happy vaikunta ekadasi hd images and vaikunta ekadasi 2020 date and time find here.

And a battle between the lords Vishnu and demons, after once it will take rest then they will make a new secret weapon to hit the muran demons, Vishnu take retired to a cave for the goddess named haimavati then demons come and tried hit or kill to lord Vishnu, but through the power of female that emerged from Vishnu, burned that muran demons into ashes. After that lord Vishnu gives her a name which is ekadashi then it creates a boon, and we celebrate it as the vaikuntha ekadashi. On this festival which is the victory of ekadashi over the muran demons, who worship the ekadashi that would take, “vaikuntha”, in front of the lord Vishnu after their death, and God Vishnu give them a new heaven from give out to the hell of earth.

This ekadashi is very important for every person who wants to see lord Vishnu after their death, who wants to be a priest of lord Vishnu. According to religious beliefs, Vaikuntha Lok is the abode of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi. Wherever the ego is destroyed and you surrender yourself. When a person fasts on Vaikunta Ekadashi, he attains salvation. The person who remembers Lord Vishnu with true mind on this day, observes the fast, that person gets the Vaikuntha Dham.

On this precious occasion of Hindu’s Festival which is vaikuntha ekadashi, people give lots of money in the trusts, at orphanage, at a old age homes, and give many types of charity like food to cow, simple food plate to poor people’s, drinking water to the people and animals and lots they give lots of fruits in charity. It gives them a good feeling by giving charity, and they get lots of love and blessings from those people.

Happy Vaikunta Ekadasi 2020, Wishes, Images, Quotes, Date

On the day of vaikuntha ekadashi people visit the different kinds of temples of our worship lord Vishnu and do prayers for our family members and others for their healthy and long life and also for the good environment of earth. So this article is totally dedicated to lord Vishnu’s story which gives us lots of learning and more knowledge, I hope you will like it.

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