Happy Vishwakarma puja 2021, Images, Quotes, Wishes

 As we understand that vishwakarma means the lord of Hindus which is Brahma and Vishnu. This is the greatest festival of Hindus, this is the most spiritual and praised festival of Hindus which is celebrated mostly in South Indian states like Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and it is also celebrated in Bihar, Odisha, uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Tripura, etc. This festival is commemorating as the day of vishwakarma jayanti, it means this is the birthday of lord vishwakarma. As we all know that vishwakarma is the creator of this beautiful world. God vishwakarma is the architect of the spiritual city of Dwarka beer lord Krishna ruled, he is the creator of many weapons which are used in the wars like Mahabharata by the gods, and lots of things was happened by the god vishwakarma which are written in our Hindu scriptures. The festival of vishwakarma puja is also known as the vishwakarma day. According to Indian Hindu calendar annually it is celebrated on the kanya sankranti and according to Georgian calendar, it falls on the date of 16 or 19 September. This festival falls on the last date of the Hindu month which is bhado. On the auspicious festival of vishwakarma Day we can give wishes to our family members, our friends, neighbors, relatives any business partner on many other peoples who know us. This is the main festival for the industrialist like businessman, artisans, craftsmen, welders, shopkeepers, vendors, engineers, mechanics, labors, any short types of workers, painters, and also for the lots of small businessmen or job workers. They celebrate this festival with together by doing pooja of lord vishwakarma in their factories, shops, industries, chambers, their small skills areas, etc. 

Happy Vishwakarma puja 2020, Images, Quotes, Wishes

So, we can send wishes to all the labors, and all staff of our company by giving some affordable gifts like tiffin box, water bottles, fans, some new t-shirts in clothes, watches, some toys for their children’s, different types of flowers bouquets, and lots of lovely things. We can give wishes to our love one’s by giving lots of blessings, love, happiness, and joy. On the day of vishwakarma jayanti we can go to the fairs, held in the beautiful city which is pushkar in Rajasthan. We can also give lots of charity in fairs, orphanages, and old age homes, and also to the poor peoples of our country around us. We can join them on the precious day of vishwakarma puja for making sweet memories with them. I hope this article will be helpful for you for wishing a happy vishwakarma puja! Thank you so much. Vishwakarma puja is celebrated in almost all offices, but it is celebrated mainly in engineers, architects, painters, mechanics, welding shops and factories. On this day, the people clean their office and factories and decorate the image of the earth of the Lord Vishwakarma for worship. People at home also worship their electronic devices, cars. Tools are worshipped by lighting and incense. Then he takes flowers and uncut in his hand and takes care of Lord Vishwakarma.

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