Happy World Environment Day 2021 Theme, Images, Quotes

Happy world environment day 2020 images, happy world environment day 2020 quotes, happy world environment day 2020 theme and slogan find here.

Happy World Environment Day 2020 Images

Happy World Environment Day 2020 Theme, Images, Quotes
Happy World Environment Day 2020 Theme, Images, Quotes

WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY: This day is celebrated on 5th June in the United nation to raise awareness and action to protect our environment. This day was first celebrated in 1974 to raise awareness from environmental issues to marine pollution, human overpopulation, and global warming, to sustainable consumption and wildlife crime..world environment day  has major corporations, NGOs, communities, governments and all celebrities worldwide adopt to advocate environmental causes. The purpose of the world environment day is to face the environmental issues and to empower people to become sustainable and equitable development and Anthem written by poet Abhay K to celebrate World Environment Day 2020.

Happy World Environment Day 2020 Theme, Images, Quotes

This is the day, we celebrates it, because our life is nothing without environment.

We take breathe, it produces by nature. We can not live without Oxygen a minute then you know its importance.

We should save environment, we save nature, we save trees, We should plant trees as more as we can in our life.

To save the environment is the motto to celebrate this day. The institutes and government or non-government agencies try to create an environment among people of the world, so that they try to save environment.

June is the month when summer and children are on summer vacations and many countries are under heat environment, people feel heat wave in this month so they need protection.

An environment is the best protection of summer heat wave. Because trees can save us from it.

The awareness must need among people to save environment. and today we are celebrating this year World Environment Day 2020 on June 5 as usual we celebrate on this day.

This day will come every year, but time will not come again so please save environment and spread the awareness of save environment on this #WorldEnvironmentDay . Thank you.

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