EPFO Housing Scheme 2019, EPF Housing Scheme Application Form 2019

By | February 21, 2020

EPFO Housing Scheme 2018 is launched for EPF members. EPF Housing Scheme Application Form 2018 is for 4 Crore EPF account holders who are salary under Rs. 15000 or Rs. 20000 they should be very happy, because your “to be home owner dream” is going to success soon under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana – A Mission Housing for all. Retirement fund body Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) is going to give you a good news in the month of 8th March 2018.

EPFO has been launched new housing scheme for 4 crore EPF accounts holder to buy homes. They will be enable to make down payment and monthly installment from their EPF account.

About this EPFO home offering scheme will be available for subscribers who are their employers.

These EPF account holders would be required to make 20 members group for housing society which would further make connection with bank and builders by EPFO officers so bank will offer home loan easily to EPF account holders and home buying dream be succeed soon, but there should 20 memebers at least in a single group. This group has to make their 20 EPF account holders for housing society then ask to EPFO and next step will go on according rules.

EPFO Housing Scheme Application Form 2018

EPFO Housing Scheme Application Form 2018

People are thinking that they will be offered without member group, it may mistake, you have togather 20 members and apply for housing then EPFO will act accordingly so I think this may more impossible. Like 20 EPF account holder together, make group and ask for housing to EPFO, problem will occur ideas and location, because all member speak same word, may impossible, because low cost home can not construct in the city or near city, so out of long distance home may be fruitless as other housing project’s condition you know well.

This project will be construct private builders so government is like mediator to provide profit EPF account holders.

The source said subscribers would be allowed to participate in benefits under various programs of the center and Pradhan Mantri declares as Awas Yojana under the EPFO initiative to promote the goal of housing for all government.

The plan will also help workers in the formal sector prove their solvency that EPFO would provide a certificate indicating the ability to pay subscribers and the ability to repay loans from the sector.

The source said that in case of litigation, EPFO would not be a party to the battle and the group housing company legal problems would be solved, either the banker or the builder or the seller of households.

In the event of a dispute, the EPFO shall have the right to stop the installment or the monthly payment on the loan at the request of the general manager of the group housing company.




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