How To Look Stylish While Beating The Heat


When we are trying to combat the heat, but it is hard to keep things stylish. What we necessity is something that keeps we feeling cool and along with we look fashionable in summer time.

In summer time whether goes so higher that’s why our mood is changed and can’t wear that dress. Indian cities are known for their easy going nature and airy fashion approaches, girls and ladies are take a very comfortable and relaxed modus operandi when it comes to digging out summer outfits and upgrading their cupboards. With the temperature going high up, we would just want to stay in coolest palace and blast our air conditioner.

But it is not possible in daily routine. Our family and relatives are not running to give us that authority. That’s why we have to step out into the heated. Between relaxing A/C inside and rising temperatures outside, waking up and dressing for the office or house in the summer is certainly a complicated business. 


When we thought of moving out for office is only a part of the headache, not knowing what to wear is biggest claiming. Only one question which gets came in every girl’s mind- “outside is hot, so what to wear in office or other palace?”

Now, here some hot tips for you which make you fashionable and gives you fashion ideas and creative feature.

Dots style

This style can never be out of fashion. These are we ultimate liberator when we are utterly confused about what style to pick while stepping outside. Our celebrity heavily believe in the outfits brandish such prints.

In fashion industry, fashion are goes around comes around. In summer season, polka dots are back with a increase. In boutique or mall, we can easily get anything in dots style.

Pick out a frock, a top and a skirt and it will work. Just join it with other comparison colour and brand our creative side.


Crystal-clear and transparent

Transparent style is the fashion trend of this season, designers are use transparent outfit both as the main fiber and in the mingled models. In summer season of transparent fibers are also in fashion.

Show our anxious side by going transparent this season of summer. Transparent fiber have many types like chiffon silk, lightweight linen or organza are ideal to pick out for summer season. Crystal-clear clothing is a favorite and famous in the fashion industry.


Such clothes are usually made up of lace or sideling. Some like clothes are gloomily highlighted on high-end fashion ramp every year. Sheer tops and dresses with shorts which are a little transparent at some palace are high on the trend meter. Verify our celebrity fashion wear such pieces.


As the summer holidays pleasure into high materiel, at the time of survey asking 6 top fashion models to name the looks they would like to summarize in their vacation.  


Short skirts

You understand the fancy to wear short dresses and other anything above the knee. A knee length skirt is a great way to worn out the heat fashionably. Now here a picture of Kim Kardashian, she looking very pretty in denim shirt with short knee length skirt. You must be try to wear this dress in summer season.


Long or full skirts

In summer season we could try to wear full length skirts. In full length skirts have many types of  fabrics like that cotton and chiffon. We could even try wearing full length skirts in outside.


Occasional or casual frills

If we don’t want a occasional look for our office, we can pick out any top with fancy necklines and can be conspicuous in a sharp yet cool look.


Sometime a question is come in our mind-“ What to wear for office during summer”?

There few point to keep our look professional while shoring cool.

·        Avoid wearing outfits with high-low handcuff.

·        Avoid also wearing flip-flops or casual sandals in a professional area.

·        Delight with colours and prints, which suit our workplace environment or business brand.


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