How to Pair Up Saree Blouse with Different Outfits


A designer blouse is the most important part of wearing a saree, an Indian ensemble. It can be a relevant part of your outfit.

And in this 21st century, multiple types of tends are coming and this situation will also remain in future. So, the thing is how to change ourselves according to these trends. There are different and various ways from which you can make stylish your blouse.

How to Style a Saree Blouse

Well, I have brought some ideas for women and girls from which they can style their blouse and make pair of their blouse other than a saree. It can complete their outfit. Many fashionistas follow this way and make their look perfect.

1. Wear Them with Pants

Instead of wearing your saree with blouse in the same old way, you should wear a pants style Saree. And through this you can make yourself little chicer than some casual.

Slim pants are looking gorgeous with a Saree and gives a fancy look to many designers. By wearing this, you don’t have to spend much time draping the pant style Saree. You can see in these images some type of saree with pant style that are looking very attractive.


2. Wear Them With Dhoti Pants

Dhoti pants saree has become very popular and brings the true indo style of saree wearing. Some Famous Bollywood Actresses also wear this dhoti pants style saree. It gives them a gorgeous and fashionable look.

It can be say a junction or unification style and make your look attractive with some heavy jewelry. It is a good idea to wearing your saree blouse with slim and formal dhoti pants. It is in vogue design or an ultramodern design that you can wear in any wedding or any other occasion.


3. Pair them with Skirts

A bright blouse, especially if it has an unusual and eye – catching design wearing with a skirt and paired with luxurious accessories and gorgeous make – up will create an unforgettable look. It is a worthy alternative to any evening dress. You can also wear a fitted or plan skirt and a blouse with floral print. Just take a look in this picture:


If you really want to enhance your look, then add a Pallu or Dupatta that gives you a mixture look. In this image, you can see a fashion Blogger who wear saree and skirt in a very different style.


4. Pair them with Lehenga

If you really want to utilize your blouse and you have already a lehenga then why don’t you pair it with your one of the stylish blouse? You can also accessorize yourself by this style wearing a Dupatta or some jewelry that can make you attractive. And you can also go for some best hairstyle for a partywear look with a pair of your blouse and lehenga. But the most thing that you have to keep in mind you must enhance the quality of your saree in any wedding or any fashion event.

Have a look on some outfits of lehenga and saree blouse:


Just look in this image, the most popular Bollywood Actress Neha Dhupia wearing a black evident blouse and with a tulle skirt.


You can also wear your floral print Lehenga with your one of the Saree blouse that gives an enhanced look. Look this fashionista who wear this floral print lehenga with a black saree blouse. For making her look fashionable, she added a sparkling golden colour pallu to this saree and bring a fusion in herself style.


As I previously you can wear your saree blouse with a plain skirt like this fashion blogger.


A patchwork lehenga is also in trend with a saree blouse. Have a look wearing a plain black blouse with a patchwork lehenga.


5. Give your Blouses a Denim Dose

This is the style for those girls who can’t live without their denims and want to utilize their saree blouse, then they can make pair of their saree blouse with their denims. It can add a bold look in their style. And it can be a best fusion.


Hope you like this. Now, try these saree blouse wearing style with a perfect match.

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