ICICI Home Finance Apna Ghar Home Loan 2023

Apna Ghar Dreams – Home Loan scheme ICICI home finance

About Bank Home Loan, eligibility, documents required, interest rate
About Bank Home Loan

ICICI Home finance Apna Ghar Loan 

Apna Ghar Loan – Home Finance

Apna Ghar loan is a type of loan borrowed from ICICI Bank for the purpose of Home. ICICI Bank , as ICICI Bank introduces the schemes of ‘Apna Ghar scheme’. Apna Ghar Loan is listed under the Home loan but to make home loan fast and furious.

Apna Ghar scheme is a type of home financing in which a financial portal is discussed with ICICI Bank. Apna Ghar scheme provides financial services to their customers who want to make their house equal to heaven.

ICICI Bank offers Home Loan with phase of ‘Apna ghar’ which means ‘Own House’. ICICI Ban means for the Apna ghar to motivate the individuals to live in their own house , type of economical support for owning your house we will provide your financial service in form of Home Loan.

ICICI Bank ‘Apna ghar’ means to make your house where your family and you can live happily and fiance in easy and small value of money within the years.ICICI Bank apna ghar home finance provides the efficiency to build your house with easy financial help of ICICI Bank.

ICICI Bank ‘Apna Ghar scheme – Home finance’ means to assure finance on your existing home for the person who purposely takes over it by mortgaging your home for a sum of money and free it out within some period when your fiance comes into better portion.

Apna Ghar for Salaried 

Apna Ghar for salaried means to define the home loan  salaried individuals on basis of their income , so that the ICICI Bank would not face the Loan amount debt due to their insolvency or incapability.

Apna Ghar for salaried is quite different to self employed as their interest rates and documents acceleration is different and additional. Apna Ghar for salaried provide subsidy upto Rs.2.67 lakhs/-.

Apna ghar for salaried sport you provide finance and analysing formal income proofs such as ITR to make you and them secure. Apna ghar for salaried is considered a loan under the scheme of Pradhan Mantri awas Yojana.

Apna ghar For Self employed

Apna ghar is a type of home loan which is offered to ICICI Bank customers. Apna Ghar scheme is built to support you and your house to pay off the expense and meet needs of home related to finance assurance.

Apna Ghar scheme for self employed provides subsidy upto Rs.2.65 Lakhs/- as under the Pradhan Mantri awas Yojana. Apna Ghar for self employed on basis of their income and their statements.

  • Interest Rate
Purpose Rate 
Simplified Employee pension plan (SEP)14%
Self employed professional/non professionals12.25% (on upto Rs.30 Lakh/-)
Cash salary/Application infrastruc provider (AEP)(begin)14% and above 

Quantum of Loan

ICICI Home Apna ghar scheme offers home loan for buying of home or existing Home for the finance , as the ICICI Offers sum of money defined in the following table :

Purpose Amount (Maximum)
Purchasings and Construction/Build Rs.100,00,000/- (100 Lakh)
Repairs and Renovation Rs.10,00,000/- (10 Lakh)

Purpose of Apna Ghar Home finance

  • For easy purchasings of house/flats.
  • Helps in building houses/flats.
  • Helps in renovating and repair and various expenses of houses.
  • To make the dream house.
  • To assure easy terms for fiances at home.
  • To meet the sudden or emergencies expenses.
  • To secure savings or fd’s for other purpose
  • Shifting loan or take over loan for other financial purpose at home.

Features of Apna Ghar scheme of House Fiance in ICICI Bank 

  • Flexibility and covenant repayment in the form of Emi’s or installment.
  • Easy and quick availability of Loan 
  • Available for all whether salaried or self employed.
  • Homes Loans consider according to need and convenient
  • ICICI is shifted to ICICI HFC.

Security of Loan

As ICICI Bank offers sum of loan in lieu of security , as the security charge by ICICI Bank are as follows :

  • Equal mortgage of property to the Loan amount.
  • Bappi patta (original) fee deposit receipt of gram panchayat also known as security of Loan.

Calculation of charges

ICICI Home finance provides financial services which charge their charges or rate or fees as provide you sum of money to fulfill your need of house. Due to this , they calculate their charges in as follows forms :

  • Margin Value 
  • ICICI Home finance charges margin value as they provide their services and sum of money to fulfill our need
Upto Rs.20 Lakhs/-20% (charges)
Above Rs.20 Lakh/-25% (charges)
  • Processing charges
  • ICICI Home finance is type of process which includes teams and certain individuals to analyse and work from registration to approval at the stages , which is known as process and this is included in financial service 
Upto Rs.2 Lakh /-0.50% would be santinaced from the Loan amount.
Above Rs.2 Lakh/-1.00% would be sanctioned from Loan amount
  • Foreclosure charges 
  • ICICi Home finance is type of charges which is charging for if applicant closes their current account within Loan 
Prepaid amount 2% at the time of closure account
  • Interest charges 
  • ICICI Home finance assures the loan for the purpose of home by trusting and signing contracts , as the Bank service finance liable to receive interest or benefit charges on their money in lieu of need and customer relation
Income Charges 
Income upto Rs.10 Lakh/-40%
Income between Rs.10 Lakh to Rs.25 Lakh/-30%
Income above Rs.25 Lakh/-20%

Eligibility of Apna Ghar scheme

  • Indian citizen 
  • Above or equal to 18 years.
  • Belongs to any group of company , partnership , sole proprietorship.
  • Salaried or self employed
  • Any person who is earning and has the capacity to repay within tenure period.
  • Particular with necessary documents.

Documents Required for Apna Ghar scheme

  • Identity proof – aadhar card , pan card , voter id card , passport , driving license.
  • Address proof 
  • Income statement of previous and current year.
  • All the account details such as balance sheet , profit and loss account.
  • Certificate of caste group – ST/SC/OBC.
  • Bank passbook copy of 6 or more than months.
  • If a special individual (disable) , then their certificate.
  • Approved application form copy.

Registration for Apna Ghar scheme in ICICI Bank

For registering in ICICI Bank for apna ghar scheme of housing finance , you have to follo w these steps :

  • Visit the official website of ICICI Bank ‘www.icicibank.com’.
  • Click on loan
  • Select ‘Apna ghar scheme’.
  • If you have a login id then Login , if you are new to ICICI Bank , create login id by paying a fee of Rs.3000/- plus gst of 18%.
  • Form will appear , fill that form with required and proper information such as name , address etc.
  • Then , ICICI Bank team asked for the amount of loan , EMI’s , income and property to fill that.
  • Then , click on the submit button.
  • After , your loan would be approved by ICICI Bank by assuring all the details and defining your terms and conditions of Loan.
  • Then , your loan amount would pass from the charges of processing , margin , operations etc. and some percentage of amount would be sanctioned from the amount of loan.
  • Then , amount of Loan would transfer to your account which is under the agreed contact and your monthly installment would begin from month of borrowing

With the registration you are liable to repay within the tenure period with fixed emi’s (combination of principal amount plus interest and other charges).

Offline Registration

  • Visit nearby branch of ICICI Bank , ask for Apna ghar scheme of home Loan.
  • Hold your documents , passport size photo.
  • Then , fill the form with details.
  • Then , sign a Loan contact with them by reading all the terms and conditions..

After , the process of loan approval by assuring all the operation charges in it , will transfer to your account.

Within the process of approval of Apna ghar scheme of ICICI Home finance within 72 hours in any registration mode. You can also call 1800 267 4455

Repayment of ICICI Bank Apna Ghar scheme Loan

  • Repayment of ICICI Bank apna ghar scheme Loan within the tenure period.
  • Repayment of ICICI Bank apna ghar scheme Loan with fixed Emi on fixed date.
  • Late payment will include Late charges with additional gst charges with emi’s.
  • Repayment of Loan not permit for prepayment.
  • Repayment is acceptable via mode of online or offline. 

After Repayment , you are not liable to the ICICI Bank for payment of Emi’s and amount of money. It is the end of the contract of Home Loan.

Tenure Period

Tenure period is the period in which you are liable to repay the loan amount as we promise to ICICI Bank by signing in the Apna ghar home finance contract.

Period Reason
For Maximum 9 yearsRepairs and renovation
For maximum 20 years Purchase or construction of house/flat/apartment.

If you need more details about Banks loans and fiance government schemes , please visit our official website ‘www.flats2bhk.com’ and stay updated with us. Hope you get all the information about ‘Apna Ghar scheme’. Stay safe and Thank you!

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