Indian Army Day 2021

Indian Army Day

Indian Army is included in the world’s best Military Forces. The Indian Army has made so many sacrifices of their happiness and lives for the nation. The Slogan of the Indian Army is “SEWA PARAMO DHARMA” which means that THE SERVICE IS OUR FIRST DUTY. The Indian Army pays tribute to the Indian Soldiers who sacrificed for their nation by the Slogan “SOURYAM…………..DAKSHAM……………YUDDHE………..BALIDAN PARAM DHARMA. Souryam means Courage and Daring, Daksham means Completeness in War Skills or Skill in Weaponry in War, Yuddhe means the War. Balidan Param Dharma means Sacrificing Life Is The First Duty. 

The Indian Army was established on 1st April in 1895. The Indian Army Day is celebrated on 15th of January every day. This historic day is celebrated to honour the indian soldiers and remind them of the sacrifices that they had made for the nation. The story behind the celebration of this historic day is very interesting. On this day GENERAL KM CARIAPPA became the first Indian Commander to take charge of the Indian Army in 1949. Before Cariappa the last British Commander of Indian Army was GENERAL SIR FRANCIS ROBERT ROY BUTCHER.

                          GENERAL KM CARIAPPA:

GENERAL KM CARIAPPA was born on 28th of January 1899. He was born in his parental house at Shanivarasanthe, Kodagu, the British India. His father,Madappa, was a farmer and he also worked for the Revenue Department. Cariappa had five siblings and he was the second child of his parents. 

He completed his education in the Central High School at Madikeri in the year 1917. For higher studies he joined The Presidency College in Chennai. During the College he wished to join the Indian Army and become a soldier. He applied for training and out of 70 applicants he was one the 42 who got selected and finally got admission in the Daly Cadet College, Indore.

Cariappa joined the Indian Army on 1st December in the year 1919. He was a part of World War 2 and India Pakistan War of 1947.

Cariappa got married in March 1937, to a Forest Officer’s Daughter,Mutthu Marchia.  Cariappa and his wife had an age gap of 17 years between them. This became the reason for their mutual separation. In September 1945, they separated without any official and legal divorce. Three years after their separation Cariappa’s wife died in an accident. 

Cariappa was awarded with many Medals and awards for his bravery. 

  • WAR STAR: General Service Medal in 1947 
  • WAR MEDAL 1939-1945: Indian Independence Medal
  • INDIA SERVICE MEDAL: Order of The British Empire

Cariappa did so many things and sacrifices for our nation. Finally he died at the age of 94 on 15th May in the year 1993 at the Bangalore Command Hospital.

                                    CELEBRATION OF THE INDIAN ARMY DAY:

The Grand Celebration of the Indian Army Day is held in Delhi every year. The Government of India organises a grand PARADE to honour the Indian Soldiers. The Parade is held at The Parade Ground,Delhi Cantonment. The Sena Medals and The Bravery Awards are also distributed on this to the heroes of our nation. The Country pays tribute to the Indian Army Soldiers at the “AMAR JAWAN JYOTI” at India Gate.

In the year 2020, on the 72nd Indian Army Day,the Chief of Indian Army Staff, GENERAL MANOJ MUKUND NARAVNE, inspected the Army Day’s Parade. This was the first time when the India’s first Chief of Defence Staff, GENERAL BIPIN RAWAT, was present in the Indian Army Day Parade and in the celebration in Delhi.

                              INDIAN ARMY:

Indian Army is the land based military force of our nation. It protects our nation from the enemies of our country. The Indian Army is always ready to fight and sacrifice their lives for the country. Our nation is very proud of our Army Soldiers. Today we all are safe in our houses and other places without any fear because of the Soldiers of our Army who stay on the Borders of our nation to make sure of our security.

Every Indian Wishes to join and be a part of the Indian Army and work selflessly and prove their loyalty,love,courage and care for the country.

The Indian Army is included in the best Military Services of the universe because it has the best soldiers of our country. The soldiers are selected by examinations. When they pass the examinations they have to do training. The training is not so easy. During the training the soldiers not only learn how to fight how to defend and how to protect our nation. They also build courage,daring, power to sacrifice their lives and many more skills that are very essential for a good and better soldier.

So, we wish that you got all the contents and information about the indian army today. And as always every indian is proud of our army forces and we are thankful to the soldiers of our army who sacrificed their lives and happiness to protect us and we are also proud and thankful to the soldiers who are still standing on the border and protecting our nation from the bad powers and our enemies.

Happy Indian Army Day and Salute to all the Soldiers of our Nation and we are Proud of You.

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