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FDI Investment in Real Estate in India

FDI Investment in Real Estate in India | FDI Investment in Construction and Real Estate Guidlines | FDI Real Estate made easy and attract to all for real estate investment in India.

Why FDI investment in Real Estate? Indian real estate has easy to find for business and residential purpose. All facilities for business may available if local government promise, but now India has become attraction and destination for real estate investment around the world.

Second attraction is Indian real estate low cost for foreigners so they can buy it and setup business. Business environment equal for all that is supportive. India has norms FDI in real estate so now more easy for investors.

FDI Investment in Real Estate in India

You may find it latest Indian real estate news of the October 2014 month about FDI in real estate and construction rules, guide lines and govt supporting etc.

Construction sector foreign direct investment (FDI) has received cabinet approval to waive the rules. Niranjan Hiranandani, MD of Hiranandani Developers say that the government’s move in the construction and real estate sector will attract more foreign investment. Developers will be challenged not by the lack of funds and the projects will be completed on time. Will help to meet the demand for affordable homes.

What would be the effect real estate business?

The government’s decision to increase the number of foreign investors. Developers will be easier to raise funds for your project. Will help to meet the need of affordable homes in the New Norm for FDI investment plot size of less than 50 thousand square meters, has 20 thousand square meters. FDI will also be easier to invest in smaller projects. Smaller projects will not be short of funds and the project will be completed on time. 100 smart city projects would be easier to raise funds through FDI.

The decision will put new life into the real estate sector. According to Puri impact of FDI in real estate sector in the current financial year is very low. Compared to the current fiscal year compared to the previous financial year fell by 5 per cent to 3 per cent. This decline is consistent with 2009-10. Earlier, the stock of FDI in construction was 20 per cent.

Pride Group Managing Director Arvind Jain says that it’s great news for the real estate sector. Following this decision, the number of foreign investors in the real estate sector will grow and benefit the real estate sector. Investors will get a better return on their investment.

According to Amit Enterprises CMD Kishore hull construction and real estate sector will get the funds easily. The real estate sector is sluggish for quite some time. The developers are facing shortage of funds. This decision would be easy for developers to raise funds.

Constructions were significant changes in the FDI:

Housing Service has reduced the minimum size of the plant.
Project will be exempted from the condition of minimum Kapitalaijeshn.
Joint Venture urgent capital of $ 50 million to $ 25 million has been reduced to the condition.
Build up Area will be exempted from the conditions of minimum area.
Build up minimum area for the normal range of projects decreased.