International Day of Girl Child 2020

International Day of girl child

International Day of Girl Child 2020 Images
International Day of Girl Child 2020 Images

A girl is the future of every country. A girl plays many roles in her life,first she enters into the world and becomes a daughter, a sister,and after sometimes she becomes someone’s friend or best friend. Then she becomes someone’s lover. Then wife,sister-in-law,daughter-in-law. Then a mother and finally a granny. As she plays many roles in her personal life she also has many roles in her professional life.

The INTERNATIONAL DAY OF THE GIRL CHILD is celebrated on 11th of October, every year all over the world. This day is celebrated to raise awareness for issues of girls like education,nutrition,forced child marriage,legal rights and medical rights.

On October 19 in the year 2011,UNITED NATIONS GENERAL ASSEMBLY adopted resolution 66/170 to declare October 11, as the international day of the girl child,to recognize the girl’s right and the problems that girls face all over the world.

This day was first celebrated on 11th of October in the year 2012. This day is all about awaring people about the Feminism.

It is observed on 11th October the aim of this day is to highlight the problem and situation girls have to face and to provide them empowerment and their rights they deserve but they are not getting this day is to spread awareness among the people who discriminate on the basis of gender provides in equality to the girl and many other girls have to face problems like marrying at a small age which should not be done girls also have the right to be educated to live their life by their own way to be successful to follow their fashion on this day join UN women to celebrate girls and inspired am to break boundations and take step for their future.

This day also focuses on girl empowerment. The girl’s education and all the other issues of the girl child.


The womens and girls have to face many problems worldwide. The International Day of Girl Child focuses on the problems or issues faced by the girls.

The issues and problems are:

  • Access to education
  • Employment opportunities
  • Reproductive health and rights
  • Maternal health
  • Gender based violence
  • Child marriage
  • Gender inequality


Education is the fundamental right of everyone. The girl’s education is as essential as the education of the boys. Still in many countries people are not that  much aware about educating the girls. 

In 2013 a report by UNESCO found that 31 millions of girls at the primary school age never went to school and about one out of every four womens in the developed countries have never completed their primary school education. This is the biggest issue coming in between the development of any country.


The girls are trying to build their career in every field and the government is also helping to be empowered. But still there is an issue that is very serious. The earning of girls is less than that of boys in many fields.

Women earn only $ 0.77 for every $1 earned by men. This is a big issue in employment.


The reproductive health is a serious problem for every woman. 

225 million womens in the developing countries have an unmet need for family planning, contributing to 75 million unplanned pregnancies and 36 million abortions every year. All these results in unsafe abortions and maternal deaths.


Maternal health of the womens is very bad. Womens die during pregnancy, due to the lack of knowledge and resources.

The World Health Organisation (WHO), estimated that 800 women die every day due to the preventable, pregnancy related cause.


The biggest problems that are faced by the girls is gender based violence. They are manipulated and harassed everywhere. 

1 in 3 women experiences physical and sexual violence in there lifetime, According to the reports of WHO. whether it’s domestic abuse,rape,sexual harasment,gender based violence all these denies far too many women the opportunity to live happy,healthy and fulfilling life.


Child marriage is a serious criminal offence, but still people believe in marrying their child before the age of 18. Child marriage leads to many problems for girls such as uneducation,premature preganancy and child birth, and maternal death.

Between 2011 and 2020 about 140 million girls became child brides. 


Girls face gender inequality at many places,whether it is at the workplace or at home. At the workplace they face inequality in the payment. The girls get less work pay than boys. They face inequality at home also. They are not allowed to go to school and boys are allowed to do so.


The girls are achieving success in every field. They had left the mens behind them and reached thor success. We have some of them here:

Greta Thunberg17Sweden
Taylor Swift30United States
Ivanka Trump38United States
Roshni Nadar Malhotra38India
Beyoncé Knowles38United States
Serena Williams38United States
Jacinda Ardern39New Zealand
Reese Witherspoon44United States
Stacey Cunningham45United States

This International Day of the Girl Child, dedicated to all the girls around us and all over the world. 

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