International Mountain Day 2020, 11 Dec, Theme, Quotes

International Mountain Day 2020, 11 Dec, Theme, Quotes

This day is celebrated on 11th December. The general assembly encouraged International communities to organize events on this day to highlight the importance of sustainable mountain development. Every year this day is celebrated with different themes relevant to sustainable development of mountains. This day aims to raise awareness about the people who are living in mountain environments and their culture, heritage , traditions and customs.  Everybody loves their tradition and culture and we should also respect them so we should also save mountains and develop mountains to keep their heritage and culture safe and secure.

International Mountain Day 2020

As we all know about mountains our use property on the earth and it covers a minimum 27% total area of the planet earth. Today, we are discussing our natural resources, and natural property, we all know that mountains are very important in our life because all the raw material we get to make a solid and a strong material come from the mountains only. The strong things which we are talking about are like houses, buildings or any other infrastructure like hospitals, schools, shopping malls, roads, water tanks, etc. are very important in our daily life.

The international mountain day is being celebrated in the month of December on occasionally the date of 11 December. On this day there is a theme every year all over the globe. The theme in the last year, which was 2019, is mountains matter for the youth. The theme focused on young people, so that they can come forward as active members of change, and as the future leads of tomorrow. On this day specific groups are targeted and organized in various forms activities, presentations, student debates, photo, art competitions and programs. The objective of the celebration of this day is to enlighten the International community on the importance of sustainable development of the hill sector and to educate them for their responsibility.

Wishes – 

 On the auspicious occasion of international mountain day we can give encouragement wishes by organizing champions towards the safety of the mountain. We can send wishes to our family members, neighbors, friends, relatives, and many other people by giving inspiring quotes like “they are the ones who protect us, and they are also the ones who bring us rains, save mountains because we need the mountains”, I am giving you the warm wishes on the precious occasion of international mountain day.

This mountain day we should organize a competition in schools, colleges, in any government centers in which we can make lots of posters, paintings of mountains, and can celebrate this day as an international occasion. At an international level our prime minister can give wishes to other countries’ prime ministers or people by sharing their thoughts about our natural resources which are mountains and can give good messages about saving the environment and remaining mountains. We can also send wishes to someone by sharing our sweet stories with mountains and valleys. 

We can send wishes to our friends and relatives by making some sweet photos, painting and sketching of mountains through the curriers, fax and also can send these by emails with good messages regarding saving the mountains. We can give wishes to our international friends by Whatsapp messenger, telegram, by phone call and lots of social networks on the precious day of international mountain day with lots of inspiration for saving the mountains, lots of knowledge and experience about our natural property which is our mountains. So on this day we should read and know about the mountains, and also, we should understand the importance of mountains on the planet of earth. I hope this article will be helpful for you once again happy international mountain day.

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