Jain Paryushan Parva 2024 Date, Images, Wishes, Quotes

Jain Paryushan Parva 2024 will celebrate on Sunday, August 16 to 23, this year. People share jain paryushan parva images, paryushan parva wishes and paryushan parva quotes.

As we all know that every religion has its main holy scripted festival like Hindus has Diwali festival as the most holy festival, Muslims have eid ul fitr as most holy festivals like these jains also had their own holy scripted festival named as paryushan. This festival of jains is also known as the great das lakshana. This festival is genuinely of seven days, but as we all know that every religion has its different structured caste like other religion this Jain religion also had two caste named as shwtemabar and digambar so shwtemabar’s enjoy this festival of paryushan for eight days, and digambar enjoy this holi festival for 10 days.

This holy scripted festival of paryushan genuinely be celebrated in the months of august or September but according to the Hindi calendar of bhadrapad this holi festival of Jain be celebrated in the months of shukla paksha. We may wish our elders and other Siblings a happy paryushan by apologizing for the mistake of the year whether they are knowingly or unknowingly. 

We can also give greetings to our siblings a great holi festival of jains the happy paryushan by gifting them the auspicious purely handmade card which was decorated from the outer side by flowers made by the paper or by plastic except flowers we can also decorate the card by the rubber ribbon or by the paper ribbon, in that card we can also write good and encourage short messages like, “paryushan maha parva is celebrated to purify our soul by staying closer to our soul, to look at our faults to ask for forgiveness for the mistakes that we have committed, and take vows to minimize our faults in the future, happy paryushan maha parv.” We can also write the blessings like” may this paryushan a maha parv bring you happiness and prosperity, may we all get self purification and uplift so that we can add here the ten universal virtues in our practical life successfully.” And then in the end, we can write the regular wishes like happy paryushan a maha parv or may this maha parv be the bestest paryushan of your practical life.

Jain Paryushan Parva 2024 Date, Images, Wishes, Quotes

We can give wishes to our family members, friends, neighbors, relatives, and many other people who know us on the auspicious occasion of jains which is paryushan by giving some sweet gifts like bouquets of different types of red roses. So this article will be helpful for you if you want to give wishes on this precious festival of Jainism which is paryushan.

This festival is the festival of non — violence and friendship. Peace can be attained only through non-violence and friendship. Today, the burning problems of violence, terror, mutual hatred, and corruption are a great cause of concern not only but for the world, and all see a solution to these problems. A community dinner is held in temples, districts or public places during this period. All devotees recite religious texts during the festival of Paryushan. Rath Yatra or processions are carried out during the festival of Paryushan.

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