Jaipur JDA Online Form 2023

Are you looking for property in Jaipur city? If your answer is yes then you must purchase JDA property or JDA approved property in Jaipur.

There are two options for you, either you fill JDA online form for JDA property or search JDA approved property which is being sold by land owner or colonizer.

Why JDA Approved Property?

Jaipur development authority (JDA) is a government body which is authorized to develop and provides all basic types of facilities to live all families in the city e.g. road, light, water, park, education, hospital and connectivity to all corner of city that’s why JDA approval is mandatory to all private developers and property sellers in the Jaipur city.

jda approved plots in jaipur
JDA Approved Plots in Jaipur

Without JDA Property

If you buy without JDA approved property then JDA has no responsible for developments and basics services like road, water, electricity, education, and hospital facilities.

Two Types of JDA Property

There are two types of JDA property available in the city if you go to search anywhere in or around the city.

  • JDA Developed Property
  • JDA Approved Property

JDA Developed Property

A property which is developed then sold by JDA. It is called JDA scheme. You know well about JDA scheme 2023 and many old JDA schemes which developed then sold by lottery system so you have to fill up the application form through the official website then shortlist by official and winner name selects then property hand over to winners.

JDA Approved Property

All private builders and developers, companies, land owners and brokers sell properties which must be approved by JDA, without approval, property is not allowed to use for commercial and residential. They apply for approval and JDA approve it then you buy to use yourself and use all basic facilities.

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  1. Jda jaipur ki अनुमोदित आवासीय योजना में ews और lig ke प्लॉट के लिए आवेदन किस scheme me निकल रहे है please bataye


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