Journey of Kundan Jewelry: From Royal Entourage to Online Stores


There is a saying “wearing Jewels is a way to express the woman you are, without saying a word.” This excerpt is more suitable and pertinent when we are talking about the Kundan Jewelry.

All about this Ethnic Jewelry

Kundan is a traditional form of Indian gemstone jewellery. Kundan is a unique style in which glass pieces are embedded in gold to create absolute masterpieces. Kundan jewellery is magnificent and gives the wearer a regal air. Kundan jewellery does not have a very high gold content since it is more about the stones.

Kundan jewellery is believed to have originated in the royal courts of Rajasthan and Gujarat. And the work of kundan flourished in the Delhi courts of the Mughals. Kundan Pendant Set is normally very exclusive and they are attached with beautiful Kundan neckleces. Kundan pendant are made with gold or studdet with diamonds. Kundan pendants cannot be worn simple without a kundan necklace because they are desined in such a manner that each of them is incomplete without the other.


This exclusively ornamentation is formulated from 22K gold to encrust inestimable jewellery. The one famous and world class deflection of this adornment is Meena Kundan which is also certified as Jaipuri or Bikaneri jewellery.

This exquisite form of enhancement is generally accepted for its genuine elaborate, sophistication and distinct design.


Kundan has its own history. The most fascinating and extravagant kundan comes from Rajasthan in the north and Hyderabad in the South. The history of Kundan Jewellery making in India dates back several thousand years. The work of kundan flourished in the Delhi courts of the Mughals. Now, the conversion in this art has been made. And it is changed into silver and highly in trend among common people.


You can see in this image the most famous Bollywood Actress Aishwarya Rai wearing a heavy jewellery of kundan in the Jodha Akbar movie. This represent her Rajputana look in the movie.

Process Involved

Gold was the original material used for making Kundan jewellery. Skilled artists are involved at every stage of the manufacturing process. Gold/silver is beaten into thin sheets on which lac or the sticky tree sap is poured for fixing the stones. Then multi – coloured stones are affixed on the lac. Producing the metal base is called “Ghaat” followed by the procedure pouring of lac is called “paadh”.


Stones are set on the sheet along with the manufacturing of the jewellery framework. The frame size and shape is decided according to the different designs for earrings, necklace etc and then this is followed by the “khudaai” process when stones are affixed into the framework. This design is then followed by the Meenakari procedure.

Its Journey

In the modern world, though a lot of modernized styles of the urbanized civilization, the traditional style of jewellery could not be moved out of fashion and it is still the most loved form of jewellery adorned by Indian women on various festive occasions. It is one of the designer accessories in the globe.


This jewellery is available in all the patterns or design and for all the events either it is a wedding or any corporate event. You can wear it with any traditional outfit. This elegant designs are now crossed all the boundaries.

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