Kerala School Kalolsavam 2021, Manual, Venue, Result, Date

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Kerala school kalolsavam, Kerala school kalolsavam 2020 venue

Dr. C. S. Venkiteswaran is founder of Kerala school kalolsavam. It is the 61st edition of Kerala school kalolsavam; 2020-21 is scheduled at kollam. It is also called the school arts festival of Kerala which is held an annual event conducted by the state government of Kerala, most of the art competitions for high school and higher secondary school students of Kerala and also known as “Kerala state school youth festival ” the participants are students from classes 8th to 12th. The event is usually conducted in December – January month of a year and is considered as the biggest cultural event. The organization set up from school leveling to state level for the conduct of the kalolsavam is observed by the educational department as per the experts in the field. Mid-day meal and tea was served to all the participants. Participation was directly from school level. Year by year more participants were included and the number of days of the kalolsavam was increased. A number of participants have increased to twelve thousand. Wish you a happy Kerala school kalolsavam to all the participants who participate in this youth festival who come from out of cities and school citizens. Kalolsavam has crossed many miles of stones.

Kerala school kalolsavam 2020 venue

Government has active involvement with all their members and gives all support for the success of the kalolsavam. In this youth festival, there are a number of trophies, cash, prizes, grace marks; etc to the winners and a beautiful dancing Nataraj trophy was introduced. The festival has inspired all students and encourages thousands of students in various art and literary forms in each academic year. All work should be in proper management in an efficient manner. We all invited all the students who have creative minds to participate in this youth festival and get winner prizes. It is the biggest youth festival where different levels of talent are showcased by the talented students in the field of art and literature.

Kerala School Kalolsavam 2020 Result and Winner

 Each year the venue of the kalolsavam is changed from one district to another to ensure the students who participate throughout the state. All invitation cards should be posted to all the students. Those students have their innovative ideas about art and literature; they also show there in front of the audience and members of government. When students get to participate in this festival and know about the art and literature in school level then they up to the state level. Main stage is beautifully decorated and holds thousands of people where students show their talent in front of the audience. Wish you good luck to all the students who participate in this youth festival and be energetic and confident. Don,’t lose your confidence and don,’t get nervous and take a deep breath and show your talent in front of thousands of people because this is the time when you start your career and reach your goal. This is the good platform to all the students where you know yourself better and set your future bright.

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