Kisan Divas, Farmers Day 2020 Quotes Images

This day is celebrated on 23rd December all over the world. This day is celebrated in the honour of the former Prime Minister of India Chaudhary Charan Singh. On this day several debates, events, seminars , functions and competitions around agriculture are organised to celebrate the event. This day is celebrated across the nation with the aim of the upliftment of the state of Farmers. Activist from various NGOs went among farmers and educated them about the welfare schemes of the central and state government. Clinics are also set up to train farmers on the operation and the maintenance of tractors.

Happy Farmer’s Day 2020

Happy Farmer’s Day 2020 Quotes
Happy Farmer’s Day 2020 Quotes

Farmer’s day is celebrated every year on 23rd December in India and October 12 in the United States of America. Farmer’s day is also known as “Kisan Divas.” It is celebrated to pay respect to the farmers of the country who play an important role in our country. It is celebrated to create awareness among the citizens and to help understand the importance of the contributions made by the farmers to the country and overall economic and social development of a country. It is celebrated on the birthday of the 5th prime minister of India, charan Singh chaudhary, also a farmer leader.

Farmer’s day was celebrated because to pay him tribute, the government decided to celebrate his birth anniversary as national farmer’s day. He introduced many policies to improve the lives of the Indian farmers. This day is mainly celebrated in states such as UP, Haryana, Punjab and MP. Awareness programs, seminars, lectures are conducted across all over India to create awareness about the importance of farmer’s contribution to society. Farmer’s day, we observed the importance of farmers, how farmers grow crops with great difficulty, and their burnt skin to feed us. On that day, the farmers’ leader improves the situation of farmers. They should be helped in education and healthcare, to improve the living condition of farmers. 

Farmers Day 2020 Images

Happy Farmers Day 2020 Images
Farmers Day 2020 Images

On this special day of farmer’s day, they are the ones who give their hundred percent energy, heart and soul to give it life and give us food. We all thank them for their efforts and salute their hard work. Happy farmer’s day or happy kisan diwas to all the great farmers who worked for us. We wish to all the farmers who are the real heroes because of their dedication and effort. Kisan divas are a reminder to everyone that we must respect, thank and appreciate the hard work of our farmers who work hard to give us food.

We thank each and every farmer who gives their best to the nation for his unconditional dedication towards their hard work. Let we all learn lessons and take inspiration from Indian farmers who put their sweat and soul in their land and crop. We are really proud to have an Indian farmers, and we are really blessed if we are farmers because we are doing the most wonderful job in the world to grow food for others. 

They put in to make sure to everyone that we never sleep hungry. Our food is the main result of the hard work of farmers. The life of the Indian farmers dedicated to his mother land or agriculture. They never become lazy towards their work, and always ready to work for their field to sow the crops or take care of their seeds in the field. They never take rest so that we can enjoy good food and good taste.

We always respect our farmers, and we should not let them down. Happy farmer’s day to all the dedicated farmers who work for our country. The very existence of a life and a world without a farmer cannot be imagined, it is a happy fortune that a section of our society is the one who looks after our maintenance and in turn can have nothing better if we can safeguard their rights and raise their standard of living. It is therefore necessary to celebrate peasant days too. 

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