Loan ki jankari in Hindi

Loan ki jankari in Hindi

Loan jankari is a social authorised website , which motive to provide finance information to the public which helps them to carry their work at the time of an unfair financial environment.

Loan jankari carries out all the detailed Information of Loan which helps to better decision making and making borrowings. Loan jankari is set up to provide Jankari of Loan, meaning their types, their calculation, benefits and so on.

Loan jankari is a website which is associated with the economics/financial environment. Loan Jankari Means to stand by financial needs, pay off your needs in small/flesbile amounts under the relation with the Bank.

Loan Jankari Provides you varieties of options, to go with your needs/purpose for borrowings/owning from Banks. Our means to provide you information about the Loan, why the Loan, what is Loan, where is Loan and how Loan, to answer the etc. question of Loan.

However, the Loan Jankari Publish articles under the research and analysis method. It is associated with theory of correct, proper and particular information. Loan jankari articles are based on correct terms and numbers. You can check, by visiting our website or browse these webpages.

They are as follows :

Types of Loan Purpose of Loan 
Personal Loan For Personal
Home Loan For Home
Business Loan For Business
Education Loan For Education
Gold Loan For Securing Loan 
Vehicle Loan To purchase vehicle

These Types are further classified, into Parts:

Personal Loan 

Persona Loan is a type of Loan which is considered for the Personal Purpose.In this Loan, a borrower doesn’t want to out their means or need for a Loan but they matter with the borrowings and repaying within the period.

Types of Personal Loan

  1. Unsecured Personal Loan
  2. Secured Personal Loan
    1. Loan against Property
    2. Loan against Mortgage
    3. Loan against Mutual funds/shares
    4. Loan against tangible assets
    5. Loan against Intangible Assets
    6. Loan against co-signer
  3. Personal Credit Loan
  4. Wedding Loan
  5. Holiday Loan
  6. Medical Loan
  1. Types of Loans
  2. Types of Secured Loans
    1. Vehicle Loan
  3. Types of Vehicle Loans
    1. Two wheeler Loan
    2. Three Wheeler Loan
    3. Four Wheeler Loan
  4. Types of Business Loan
    1. Small Business Loan
    2. Larger Business Loan
    3. Working capital business Loan
    4. Business Loan for Women
    5. Machinery Loans
  5. Types of Home Loan
    1. Home Construction Loan
    2. Land Purchase Loan
    3. Home Purchase Loan
    4. Home Extension Loan
    5. Home Improvement Loan
    6. NRI Homes Loans
    7. Joint Home Loan
  6. Types of Unsecured Loan
    1. Term Loan 6.2 Revolving Loan
    2. Short term Loan
  7. Types of Short term Loan
    1. Installments loans
    2. Merchant cash advances
    3. Credit lines
    4. Day loans
    5. Financing
  8. Types of Long term Loan
    1. Home Loan
    2. Education Loan
    3. Small Business Loan
    4. Vehicle Loan
    5. Personal Loan
  9. Other Types of Loan
    1. Festival Loan
    2. Top up loan
    3. Wedding Loan
    4. Vacation Loan
    5. Bridge Loan
    6. Agricultural Loan
    7. Pension Loan
  10. Types of Bank Loans
    1. Personal loan
    2. Credit cards loan
    3. Home loans
    4. Car loans
    5. Two wheeler loans
    6. Small business loans
    7. Paydays loans
    8. Home renovation loans
    9. Agriculture loan
    10. Gold Loan
    11. Loan against credit card
    12. Education Loan
    13. Consumer Durable Loan

Home Loan 

Home Loan is a type of Loan which is considered for the Purpose of Home.With this Loan , people go with subjects of Purchasing Home , construction of Home and renovation of Home, means their borrowings are near the Home.

Business Loan 

Business Loan is a type of Loan for the Purpose of Business.Their borrowings assure with Business and over the Business Loan.

Education Loan/Student Loan 

Education Loan is a type of Loan which is considered for the purpose of education.This Loan is assured by the students and their parents Only.

Vehicle Loan 

Vehicle Loan is a type of loan which purpose is to purchase a vehicle or near the vehicle.Their Loan is for or on the vehicles.

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