Mahamastakabhisheka 2022, Images, Wishes, Quotes

Mahamastakabhisheka is a great festival of Jains; it is held on a large scale. This auspicious occasion is celebrated once in every 12 years. The mean significance of this festival of Jainism is the completion of the statue of gomateshwara. As we know that gomateshwara statue is in Karnataka India which is the most important for the jainies. This festival is not celebrated by the date, actually its celebration date is decided by the ganna calendar in luni solar. In Jain tradition, it is a very essential part of an ancient and composite. This festival is organized in a large area, it is approximately 57 feet (17.4 m) with a high monolithic statue of siddha Bahubali. This festival was organized for the last time in 2018 and it will be organized in 2030 as per the tradition after 12 years. We can also call this auspicious festival anointing of Gomateshwara. 

Mahamastakabhisheka 2020, Images, Wishes, Quotes

 On this festival we can give wishes to our friends, family members, neighbors, relatives, any priest or also everyone by giving some sweet gifts like homemade sweets, flowers of bouquet, and lots of blessings on the previous day of mahamastakabhisheka. On this day we can anoint on the statue of gomateshwara, and we can pray for our country, our neighbors, and our poor peoples of our country, our family members for their long life, good health, prosperity, and peacefulness in the world. We can give wishes on the previous festival of Jain’s which is mahamastakabhisheka by saying sweet words; I am wishing you a very happy mahamastakabhisheka! May god gomateshwara give you all the happiness, blessings, rejoice, prosperity and lots of love from your families and friends, may you get higher success in your work, business, and in your life. May lord gomateshwara give you all the best things in your life, what you actually deserve and all the things that you want in your life, may you achieve your all goals with the blessings of God gomateshwara. On this special occasion of jainies we can share so many needy things to poor and hungry people like food to eat, clothes to wear, small jobs to work, houses for living, personal vehicles for transportation, we can bear educational expenses for their children and so many other useful things, and also can take blessings from them. 

In Karnataka, people celebrate a public holiday on the precious festival of jainism which is mahamastakabhisheka. We can give wishes to someone by giving lots of milk-shake, some rituals things, water tanks in gaushala, and can give lots of charity in orphanages, in old age homes, in trust, etc. On this day people who belong from Jain religion anoint the statue of Gomateshwara with milk sugar cane juice rice flower and many other things. This festival is celebrated in a frequency of 12 years, and this festival means a lot for all Jainism. On this day prayers and Jainism rituals are observed. Now it is expected that this time this ceremony will be graced by a lot of Jainism ascetics.

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