How to Clean Marble Floor with Baking Soda

I think marble floor shining is the best method is use baking soda as a cleaning liquid that can make at home without spend money in the market on costly liquid so today I am talking about how to clean marble floor with baking soda. Baking soda cleaning method is using maximum number of homes around the world. On a special day or on festival occasion women clean their home and want to give sign floor to look better home so cheapest and without spending any money idea is clean floor with baking soda.

How to clean marble floor with baking soda so first of all you have to know about which things are together and then make a best liquid at home to clean floor without any harm and destroy signing of floor so used home best method.

<h1>How to Clean Marble Floor with Baking Soda</h1>

Now you are going to learn to clean marble floor with baking soda so first of all make baking soda mix at home easily in a small pot.

Take a small pot and baking soda then mix it in some water and take a piece of clean cloth it should read dry and then take another piece of cloth to drop in baking soda mixed liquid then start washing floor first round and then repeat the second round and in 3rd round use dry piece of cloth and repsol floor and remove completely baking soda from floor tiles so there should not show any baking soda spot or liquid on any corner or any side check and you can use water to clean floor and last time then start and end dry your floor and you will see your floor is signing better than ago.

I hope you have understand well how to clean marble floor with baking soda and baking baking soda mix liquid at home so use it daily.

Back baking soda cleaning liquid make at home is not costly and no harmful so it is home remedies like naturally.

I think use and tell other your friends and members after you use write your reviews below comment box.