Indian marble

Indian marble

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As we all know, Indian Marble is very famous in all over the world. It is one of the best and finest marble which have the best and purest quality of marble. This is known for its best and pure quality, beautiful texture, strength and durability.

The beauty of this Indian Marble is very attractive and beautiful. It has natural shine in its quality which is famous at all over the world. This precious and valuable Indian Marble is found only in India. The demand of the best and the pure white colour Indian Marble is very high in all over the world.

This is used in so many types of purposes like commercial and residential purposes. India is the country who exports pure white Indian Marble on very high quantity. There are many types of states who exports pure Indian Marble.

There are also so many different types of Marbles of India. Here are some different varieties of India Marble. There so many types of colours are available in Indian Marbles like black, pink, white, green, yellow, brown and so many types of colours.

Colours of Indian Marbles

Pink Marble

This Pink Indian Marble is used is in making bathroom tiles, floors and countertops. It is also used as flooring materials in bathrooms, kitchen, lobbies or washrooms. This marble is selectively used by people. This pink marble includes Udaipur pink marble, Banswara pink marble, Katni pink marble, Classic pink marble etc. The starting price of the Pink Marble is around Rs. 30 per square foot.

Black Marble

This is one of the most demand able marble because it looks so attractive and precious. It never goes out off fashion because it remains always in trending. This is used in the bathrooms, kitchen countertops, stair case, tabletops, wall cladding and in the flooring of selected areas for designing. It also includes the Indian Black marble, Grey carrarra marble, Indian Black Marquina Marble and Nadi Black Marble and the many more. The starting price of the Black Marble starts from Rs. 60 per square foot.

White Marble

This is one of the best Marble who give the feel of snow because its colour is pure white as like snow. The demand of this marble is very high. It gives attractive and royal look to your house or any other place where you are using it. This Marble is used in flooring, kitchen countertop, bathrooms, tabletops or wall cladding. This also includes Opal White Marble, Morwad White Marble, Indian statuario marble, white sangemarmar marble and many other types varieties of White Marble. The starting price of the White Marble starts from Rs. 120 per square foot.

Brown Marble

It is one of the best Marble which are used by many to give a royal look to their house. This Brown Marble is used in kitchen and countertops, bathroom, bedroom, stair case, flooring and for many purposes. This includes the fantasy brown marble, Aggariya brown lehariya marble, rainforest brown marble, torrento marble and more varieties of the Brown Marble. The starting price of the Brown Marble starts from Rs. 40 per square foot.

Yellow Marble

This marble is yellow in colour which seems like gold. This Yellow Marble is used in flooring, for outdoors, floor of the bathroom, wall cladding, countertop, bedroom, living room, drawing room, tabletops and for many more. Yellow Marble gives a traditional and cultural look to your house. This Yellow Marble includes the Jaisalmer yellow marble, Ita gold marble, antique rainforest marble, rainforest gold and goldio marble and many other types of varieties are available for this. The starting price of Yellow Marble starts from Rs. 70 per square foot.

Green Marble

The Green Marble looks so attractive and elegant. This Green Marble is used in Kitchen and countertops, tabletops, flooring, wall cladding, stair case, lobbies, outdoors and for many other types. This looks so amazing because of its dark colour. Green Marble also includes rainforest green marble, emerald dark green marble, Udaipur green marble, spider green marble, Kesariaji green marble and so many varieties which amazing looks. The starting price of Green Marble starts from Rs. 45 per square foot.

Beige Marble

Beige Marble is the marble which is commonly used by everyone. This gives a simple and decent look. This Beige Marble is normally used for flooring, bathroom tiles and normally for the rooms. This Beige Marble includes the perlato beige marble and katni beige marble. The starting price of the Beige Marble is around Rs. 60 per square foot.

Makrana Marble

Makrana Marble is purely white in colour. It is the India’s finest marble which is highly demanded by the people. It also used in making of temples because of its beauty and pure colour. This Makrana Marble is used in makinf of temples, flooring, stair case, bedrooms and for many more. This includes the kumari marble, albeta marble, brown albeta marble, Makrana white marble, dungri marble and many more. The Taj Mahal and Dilwara Temple both are the made up of this famous marble. The starting price of the Makrana Marble starts from Rs. 400 per square foot.

Local Indian Marbles

Premium Morwad White Marble Makrana Pure White Marble White Indian Statuario Marble Opal White Marble White Sangemarmar Marble White Base Tiles Zanjhar White Marbles Talai White Marble Slabs Ambaji White Marble Makrana White Marbles Tiles Dungri Makrana Marbles Banswara Purple Marble Splash White Marble Almond White Marble Bliss White Marble Albeta White Marble Indian White Carrara Marble Agaria White Marble Agaria Pure White Marble Ambaji Superior White Marble Nizarna White Marble Albeta Beige Marble Raymond Marble Pista White Marble Dharmeta White Marble Vanni Spotted White Purple Carrara Marble

Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and many more other states who have the huge quantity of Indian Marbles and these export Indian Marbles to all over the world. India is the country who export half of the quantity of the Marble to the whole world.

Here are all the information about Indian Marble is available. From these information you get to know all types and colours of the Indian Marbles. For more information related to other things