Marble Tile Size: What Marble Tile Size Should You Use?

Marble tile size is 12X12cm, 24cm X24cm, 30cmX30cm, 40X60cm, 60X60CM. Do you use 12″X12″ marble tile in your bathroom or bedroom flooring? After long researched, found that one feet long and one feed width tile size is famous and maximum construction projects have already used it.

There are many sizes available, but one foot by one foot (12″X12″) marble tile size used in maximum construction projects. Specially luxury flat’s flooring area covered by this marble tile size. It available easily, because it general size.

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After read about marble size, you should calculate how much does it cost you?
Marble Tile Prices Per Square Foot – Find Marble Tile Price List.

General marble tile sizes are 12X12 CM, 24X24 CM, 30X30 CM, 40X60 CM and, 60X60 CM.

Special marble tile size can be used in any real estate construction project, but it cut to size after your order so first of all decide what size, quantity, color and quality should you use in project? You may order in advance for stone materials.

Marble Tile Size: What Marble Tile Size Should You Use?