Mhada Lottery 2023: Online Application, Eligibility, Results

Mhada Lottery 2023: Online Application, Eligibility, Results, How To Apply For MHADA Lottery 2023? Registration Fees For The 2023 MHADA Lottery; MHADA Lottery Scheme 2023 Online Application; MHADA Lottery 2023 Form to Start Soon.

Latest updates related to MHADA Lottery

Good news: MHADA Lottery 2023 will roll out in march 2023 and registration will start soon.

The latest update related to MHADA Lottery, MHADA has made an announcement for the lottery 2023 for Goregaon Mumbai. The MHADA is planning to allocate around 4000 affordable flats to the applicant for the lottery. These 4000 flats are in the different-different locations in Mumbai. Around 2700 flats will be based in Pahadi project of the Goregaon region, and the remaining flats will be in Kannamwar Nagar, Bandra, Borivali, Magathane, and some other places. The draw of the MHADA lottery 2023 will be in march month for this the registration process will start soon.

Flats in Goregaon in MHADA Lottery 2023

As mentioned in the statement of MHADA, MHADA developed two projects named Plot-A and Plot-B in the Goregaon region. Flats under Plot-A are developed for the Economically Weaker Section (EWS). Plot-A is developed on Link Road near the Metro Station. Plot-A MHADA developed 7 buildings of 23 stories each and these 7 buildings have 1236 flats of 322 SqFt. each. Now talk about the Flats under the project on Plot-B. Plot-B is located on SV Road. Flats on Plot-B are developed for the EWS and the LIG. It has a total of 1444 flats out of which 708 belong to the EWS and the remaining 736 belong to the LIG section.

MHADA made document submission compulsory at the time of registration.

MHADA made document submission compulsory at the time of registration because of the frequent news and report of malpractices in lottery allotment as well as distribution. In the past years, only winners of the lottery were needed to submit the documents to take possession of the flat. In that practice, there were many suspicious reports about misconduct and malpractice. To deal with these malpractices, MHADA has introduced a mechanized system with zero human interference.

According to the recent media reports, MHADA Lottery 2023 Mumbai Registration Starts for 4000 flats soon under MHADA Lottery 2023 in the month of March 2023.

CategoryFlat Price
EWS Flat Price20 Lakh Approx
LIG Flat Price20 Lakh to 30 Lakh Approx.
MIG Flat Price35 Lakh to 60 Lakh Approx.
HIG Flat Price60 Lakh to 5.8 Crore Approx.

MHADA Lottery 2023 Mumbai Registration is a housing scheme by the Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority for the residents of the state. MHADA divides the interested candidates into four categories on the basis of income for applying in this scheme.

The eligibility criteria and four categories for MHADA lottery are as follows

1. The age of the applicant should be more than 18 years.

2 The applicant should be a resident of Maharashtra from 15. For its verification, he should have the original residence certificate.

  The applicant should also have a PAN card, which shows whether the applicant has a stable income or not.

  Your income should come under the category in which you want to apply.

Following are the four categories on the basis of income for eligibility

  Economically Weaker Section / Economically Weaker Section (EWS) – The monthly income of the applicant in this class should be less than Rs.25,000.

  Lower Income Group / Lower Income Group (LIG) – The monthly income of the applicant in this category should be between Rs 25,001 to Rs 50,000.

  Middle Income Group / Middle Income Group (MIG) – The monthly income of the applicant in this category should be between Rs 50,001 to Rs 75,000.

  High Income Group / High Income Group (HIG) – The monthly income of the applicant in this category should be more than Rs 75,001.

Note:- The applicant will have to submit the documents issued by the government to prove his eligibility.

MHADA RegistrationJan 2023
MHADA Edit RegistrationFeb 20223
MHADA ApplicationJan 2023
MHADA Online PaymentFeb 2023
RTGS/NEFT PaymentFeb 2023
List of Accepted MHADA ApplicationsFeb 2023
MHADA DrawMarch 2023
List of WinnersMarch 2023
MHADA RefundMarch 2023

MHADA Full form 

The ‘MHADA’ stands for ‘Maharashtra Housing and Area Development’. This Development was established in 1976 under the Maharashtra Housing act. 

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Meaning of MHADA

MHADA is a type of housing scheme which is initiated by the Government of Maharashtra of Housing. MHADA provides housing facilities to the people who are unknown and unable with the house/flats. MHADA is formulated to assure house to workers especially mill ones.

MHADA is a scheme under the huge number of flats/houses. MHADA is a type of registration for those who are in search and need of affordable houses/flats. MHADA is for the area of development and candidates.

MHADA 2023 is a type of lottery because their selection and assurance is based on tricks , rules and ideas. For eg. Sudden name with sudden assurance, they had no base for their selection/winners. MHADA 2023 for the people of 2023 and reduce the pandemic impact of covid.

MHADA Lottery 2023 is in general , means the lottery would be committed by any person but of Maharashtra. MHADA Lottery 2023 to locate the new areas to eliminate the structure of chawals and inconvenience. MHADA Lottery 2023 for the people who are searching for facility of house/flats.

MHADA Lottery 2023 is a type of opportunity to consider your own house/flats in your amounts with best and choicest. MHADA Lottery 2023 is help of Government to manage for comfort shed/MHADA Lottery 2023 is also associated with Land owings and dream house projects.

MHADA Lottery 2023 is option for the candidates to buy for their house/flat with government surety and savings. MHADA Lottery 2023 to invite the homeless with their amount of work and luck. MHADA Lottery 2023 is announcement for the people , majorly mill worker to construct their houses/flats with their flexibility.


  1. To assure reasonable housing prices.
  2. To provide housing facilities in General.
  3. To mean with ‘Right to live and Housing’.
  4. To create new infrastructure of Maharashtra.
  5. To implement holding and new projects of housings.
  6. To develop the standard of people of Maharashtra.
  7. To forward the various segments of society.

MHADA Application

Individuals who are interested to apply for MHADA 2023 would fill the application form and detail regarding the Application form, check official website.

MHAHA Locations

As MHADA is type of projects implemented by Government to area which mean for location of Houses/flats. MHADA housing locations are :

  • Pune 
  • Mumbai 
  • Shrinivas
  • Nasik 
  • Amravati 
  • Nagpur
  • Kokan
  • Thane

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Should be equal or above 18 years.
  2. Should be Residential of Maharashtra.
  3. Should belong to these income groups :
  • EWS income group (Rs. 0/- to Rs. 25,000/-)
  • LIG income group (Rs. 25,001/- to Rs. 50,000/-)
  • MIG Income Group (Rs. 50,001/- to Rs. 75,000/-)
  • HIG Income Group (above Rs. 75,001/-)

Documents Required

  1. Proof of identity – Aadhar Card/Driving license/Birth certificate/Voter ID.
  2. Proof of address – Domicile certificate/Utility Bills such as electricity , maintenance etc.
  3. Proof of Income – Bank statement of 6 months/Income statement such as gst return , P&L sheet etc.
  4. Proof of necessary documents – Education documents etc.

Registration fees

MHADA 2023 will register you as Registered when you show interest and need for flats by paying registration fees for the surety and originality.Their calculation of Registration fees are as follows :

Category IncomeRegistration Fees (Updated)
EWSRs. 0 to 25,000Rs. 5000 + 560 = Rs. 5,560
LIG Rs. 25,001 to 50,000Rs. 10,000 + 560 = Rs. 10,560
MIG Rs. 50,001 to 75,000Rs. 15,000 + 560 = Rs. 15,560
HIG Rs. 75,000 to Rs. 50,000 + 560 = Rs. 20,560

Registration Process

  1. Visit the official website of “MHADA 2023”, click here ‘Register MHADA 2022’.
  2. Then, browse the link of ‘Register for MHADA 2023’.
  3. Then, select the scheme of MHADA 2023.
  4. Then, a form will appear, fill it with required details.
  5. Upload necessary documents, passport size photo and signature.
  6. Then, pay the registration fees.
  7. Click on submit button and submit the application form.

Note :

  1. Save/Download your registration form.
  2. Remember your registration ID and their password.
  3. Register proper with original documents.

MHADA Lottery Result 

  1. Visit the official website of MHADA , click here ‘MHADA 2023’.
  2. Click on “Result” of the Lottery.
  3. Login your ID.
  4. Then, the page will appear in which PDF is considered.
  5. Open this PDF with click.

Check your Name in the latest lists.

MHADA Refund Status 

  1. Visit the official website of ‘MHADA 2023’.
  2. Then, click on ‘Result’.
  3. Login your ID.
  4. Then, select on “Refund”.
  5. Click on ‘Claim’.

You are known with Refund status.

MHADA Refund Status 2023

Refund Status 2023 because MHADA 2023 charge fees/amount from the winners and they want to free the amount of who lose their name in the list because they decided to Refund the amount.

Why MHADA Flats?

MHADA 2023 gives you another chance to own your flats and give beautiful gifts to your family. MHADA 2023 is mainly for those candidates who didn’t get a chance last year.

On this Beautiful occasion of Diwali Maharashtra had introduced new schemes for housing/flats under the MHADA 2023 which is ready to assure flat of happiness and togetherness. MHADA 2023 is formulated for to assure more flats and locations to the people to develop your standard of living.

However, with this ‘MHADA 2023’ had announced numerous seats but upto to a particular date. MHADA 2023 also signed for ‘first come and first serve’. MHADA 2023 is particular with their people, facilities and activities, so please go with mhada of living.

MHADA Current Projects

MHADA 2023 is scheduled with their other projects in other area and they are as follows :

  1. MHADA Lottery 2023 in Mumbai 
  2. MHADA Lottery 2023 in Pune
  3. MHADA Lottery 2023 in Nasik 
  4. MHADA Lottery 2023 in Nagpur
  5. MHADA Lottery 2023 in Amravati
  6. MHADA Lottery 2023 in Kokan
  7. MHADA Lottery 2023 in Aurangabad

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Nobody should think about offline application and don’t give money to anyone for MHADA flats booking, because MHADA lottery 2023 registration fee can pay through online payment.

MHADA lottery 2023 application form notification will publish live on local newspapers and on MHADA official website respectively. It may the special offer for home buyers, because all need own dream home in dream city.

MHADA may to announce next lottery in a few months, but many MHADA houses will ready, cost calculation adjust and many other reasons were occurred, all problems will be solved, and ready to launch MHADA lottery 2023 in this year as a new housing scheme offer, according media source.

MHADA News Videos

MHADA News Videos

MHADA Official Website

MHADA Address and Helpline Number

“Mitra” Office, Gate Number 5, Griha Nirman Bhavan, Kala Nagar, Bandra (E) Mumbai – 400051.
visit online portal | |
Helpline Number: 9869988000
Contact email:

3 Easy Steps to Apply for MHADA Lottery

All applicants must follow these 3 easy steps to apply for MHADA lottery application form. These steps will work on all schemes. Scheme may old or new, these steps should follow.

3 Simple Steps to Apply for Mhada Lottery

  1. Registration
    • Create Username  
    • Fill Basic Information
  2. Online Application
    • Select Lottery & Scheme  
    • Print Acknowledgement
  3. Payment
    • Online Payment

MHADA Blog: MHADA lottery latest news

We talk about the property of Mumbai, then think twice, because the actual cost of the market impedes us to purchase simple property in this city. Middle class families can not think of the magnificent property in this city because the cost does not allow them.

Oh God! When will the cost of property be reduced? Ask anybody. All properties vendor speak only about growing. Nobody says that taking property in Mumbai is going to be cheap.

The reason for this is their demand for population and residential space. The land does not spread, but the population and their demand increases day by day.

In this situation, MHADA House is a resort. The Messiah, who fulfills this dream of the poor’s house, can also say. MHADA’s house is given only to cheap and needy people.

MHADA gives home to the needy. Their lottery law prevents them from purchasing more than one house, so everybody gets it. The houses are shared equally.

If there were no MHADA lottery and its rules, then everyone could not afford to buy the house. Due to these MHADA rules, the poor family is also able to buy their own house in a city like Mumbai.

The news of Mhara Lottery is first reported in local newspapers. Therefore, all those buying MHADA houses should always read the newspaper. Find information about the latest news. And get the chance to fill the lottery form of MHADA first.

People who first fill up the housing lottery form, are more likely to get their lottery named. Therefore, the housing lottery form should be filled before the end date is arrived. Do not wait for the last date of the form.

Winning the lottery is the game of luck. Whose fate is good She gets home early And the rest of the people will have to wait for the next lottery.

Those people who have not got the house yet. And no housing house is their name or not found. Those whose income is low and not able to buy their home. For them, MHADA is the only one that can provide a home in a city like Mumbai.

MHADA Flats Lottery Notification is published periodically. This can provide timely information to the homeless.

Well, MHADA makes all types of houses. For poor, more and middle families or rich families, these homes are different from each other. The cost of these homes is different. Lottery registration fees are not the same for all. The poor are given exemption from the price of the house to the registration so that they can buy the house of their dreams.

Almost all the banks offer MHADA loan. If someone does not even have the money for the registration of MHADA, he can also take it as a loan from the bank.

It is now easier to buy a home. The bank lends up to 80 to 90 percent of the loan. That’s why someone does not feel the lack of money. These house loans can be repaid in easy installments.

You do not have to get out of the bank for the house loan. Now you can apply for house loan, sitting at home.

You can find MHADA 1 Bhk flats, RK and 2 BHK for sale in Powai, Dahisar, Chandivali Mhada, and also search 1Bhk Mhada Flat on rent in Chandivali.

Question: Allotted Mhada Can Be Sold Or Rented?

Answer: A year ago, MHADA flats are allowed to sell their units only after five years from the date of purchase, but rules may update next time, I don’t know. I will try to update.

Question: Can Mhada Flats Be Rented?

Answer: Can mhada flat be rented? No 5 years wait to rent MHADA flats. Yes, you can Mhada Flats Buy and Mhada Flats Can Be Given On Rent.

Is home loan possible on mhada flats? Read This is the best ways to get home loan on MHADA scheme

Check Mhada Lottery Results:- The best way of checking latest results of MHADA lottery 2021 is the official website. No other chance, other sources are only for news.

Cost Of Mhada Flats In Mumbai:- Mhada Flats Cost: EWS flats will cost less than Rs 20 lakh, LIG from Rs 20-35 lakh, MIG Rs 35-60 lakh and HIG apartments from Rs 60 lakh to Rs 5.8 crore. These days, in keeping with the trend started by private builders, Mhada does not cite the area by sq ft of the flats in question. – Source: Times of India

Document Required To Purchase and Sell A Mhada Flat

Document Required To Purchase and Sell A Mhada Flat: Your property ownership, deed or ownership letter, allotment letter, loan clearance letter, Mhada Property Documents and permission of all members of family etc.

Question: What documents are required for mhada lottery?

Answer: Mhada Lottery 2022 Document Required for registration and allotment. These documents required for Mhada housing scheme.

Here is complete Mhada Document Checklist for Mhada Document Verification, Mhada Flat Document, Mhada Lottery Documents Required, and Mhada Online Document Submission list.

  • PAN card.
  • Aadhaar card.
  • Cancelled check or passbook.
  • Passport size photo (up to 50KB)
  • Mobile number (used for WhatsApp)
  • Email ID.

Flat For Sale In Mulund Mhada Colony, and Flats On Rent In New Mhada Colony Goregaon East may fruitable investment for your dream home.

How To Apply For Mhada Flats In Mumbai:- Khasra No Nagpur, Latest News On Redevelopment Of Mhada Colonies, Mhada Act And Rules, Mhada Andheri West Lokhandwala, Mhada Andheri West Pin Code,

MHADA Trending Flats

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Mhada Lottery Information Month Wise

  • Mhada Lottery January 2023,
  • Mhada Lottery February 2023,
  • Mhada Lottery March 2023,
  • Mhada Lottery June 2023,
  • Mhada Lottery July 2023,
  • Mhada Lottery August 2023,
  • Mhada Lottery September 2023,
  • Mhada Lottery October 2023,
  • Mhada Lottery November 2023,
  • Mhada Lottery December 2023,

Who can apply? Eligible persons can apply for MHADA housing lotter? Now you need to know who is eligible person? A person who has no own house or not made allotment by MHADA, is eligible.

Are you applicants? Then these information is necessary. You should know about Mhada Lottery Queries, Mhada Lottery Refund, Mhada Lottery Refund Complaints, Mhada Lottery Refund Contact Number, Mhada Lottery Refund Date, and Mhada Lottery Refund Policy. All are changable so check the official latest notification of MHADA lotter 2023.

Mhada Lottery Salary Proof: You are working in government office or private company. You have to submit latest salary slip which is issued by office.

Mhada Lottery Tricks: More chance to win MHADA lottery 2023 is, register, apply and submit the Mhada Lottery form as soon as possible, because people wins home lottery who apply in the first week. So you should try to submit application form first of all. There is not any tricks to win lottery, but first top applicants may more chance to win.

Mhada Lottery Update News

Nowadays in newspapers, Mhada’s news continues. And you can also watch about the date of MHADA on TV. If you do not have time to do all this, then you can read this blog. We will do our best to get you the news of MHADA so that you can know about MHADA Lottery 2023 at the right time.

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