Multiple Colorful And Playful Abstract Tattoos

Multiple Colorful And Playful Abstract Tattoos

This world is very beautiful. There are many ways from which we show our love towards the world and make various memories. The best way is express our love for the world through the tattoos.

There have been tattoos for almost as long as mankind has been gathering together and forming society. Most of the people get tattooed for memories, art, love or passion. Many time it can be the symbol of love. There is always a deep thought behind any tattoo. It is an extension of human life. People get tattoos to remind themselves about their personal milestones or achievements.

This edition of mine is about abstract tattoos. And why it is the perfect choice in this modern age world?

So, What Exactly Are Abstract Tattoos?

Abstract tattoos distort reality on skin. Abstract art is a very broad term for art that distorts the shapes and forms in reality. An abstract art work can use lines, shapes and brushwork to create an idea of an object, place, or person, rather than an accurate visual representation. These abstract designs are the new trend in the market. These abstract tattoo designs stand as a symbol to represent one’s thought and mind – set which are invisible to outside world. Abstract tattoos are designed to encrypt one’s thought into creativity. So, when you try to get some amazing abstract tattoos, you actually don’t know the meaning of abstract tattoos.

Scroll down to check out some of the best abstract tattoos to get you inspired. You could try and have your own interpretations for them.

1.       Small Abstract Tattoos:

Small tattoos for those persons who likes tiny abstract tattoos

. this tattoo is for the Brooklyn city


. This is a tattoo that is for represent reality and love with abstract floral or geometric tattoo



. This tattoo is for showing your love towards the Van Goh. You can paint this type of tattoo on your elbow.


. You can also get a small tattoo on your finger that is very well looking. delicate-abstract-art-tattoo


2.     Abstract Music Tattoos  

. For the music lover, this is the tattoo with the water display and melodious note.


. This tattoo shows only some cycle like globe and streak but when you try to see this tattoo very deeply then you can see a design that represents violin.


. You can also get tattooed yourself with a very colorful and small abstract tattoo.

Multiple Colorful And Playful Abstract Tattoos

. Persons which are piano lover and like to play piano very much get tattooed themselves with this type of tattoo that meet their DNA indirectly.

Multiple Colorful And Playful Abstract Tattoos 

3.      Abstract Tribal Tattoos  

.One of the most famous people with tribal abstract tattoo art is Rihanna. The Jamaican singer has her hands in tribal Aboriginal art. Look at her masterpiece:

Multiple Colorful And Playful Abstract Tattoos

. This type of tattoo required a lot of hard work. It is for those people who are smooth hearted.

Multiple Colorful And Playful Abstract Tattoos

. You can get this tattoo on your shoulder. This tattoo is the symbol of your strength.

Multiple Colorful And Playful Abstract Tattoos

4.       Abstract Love Tattoos

It is a perfect tattoo to show your love for your parents or your better half through this abstract love tattoos. You can show your affection from this tattoo.

. A love tattoo with swallows:

Multiple Colorful And Playful Abstract Tattoos

. An abstract love tattoo that may represent a flower too:

Multiple Colorful And Playful Abstract Tattoos

. From this type of tattoo you can show your love towards animals.

Multiple Colorful And Playful Abstract Tattoos

. Because love is tumultuous and passion is insane in a loved up couple – this tattoo will perfectly demonstrate this:


5.  Abstract Tattoos For Girls  

. This is a tattoo that is perfect for girls and look on the body very classic and cultivated.



. This is a tattoo that is the symbol of nature.


. Lines and water colors translate into something special and precious, like this beautiful girl tattoo:


So that’s it from us on abstract tattoos. We are sure you would have loved something from above. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get one done. 

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